Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Thumbs

I think I’ve given myself carpel tunnel syndrome from texting - although years of working at the computer have certainly contributed.  But since I’ve only recently taken up texting with a vengeance, it’s probably the straw that broke the camel’s back – or finally squeezed the median nerve to the point of inflammation.

The solution to ease the pain is simple – stop texting.  But will I?

How and why did texting become so popular?  Since we’re all carrying cell phones, I have to wonder - why do we no longer call and talk to the people we want to communicate with rather than sending them itty-bitty typed messages? 

Has actually hearing someone’s voice and carrying on a conversation become too intimate a means of communication?  Horrors!  A conversation might last five minutes – way too long a time commitment these days.

It’s been suggested I switch to a more advanced cell phone – one requiring the use of two thumbs to text so that my right thumb, wrist and arm are not incapacitated.

But wouldn’t I possibly end up with carpal tunnel syndrome X 2?

Double ouch.

(and, yes, this post was created with some degree of pain…)

P.S. Wedding update

The wedding day ceremonies went off without a hitch!  (sorry… that phrase just popped into my head…had to use it…)

The bride and the groom were so happy!

I only cried four times. 

No pictures to post because a) I don’t have any yet and b) I think I should get permission from the bride and groom and they just happen to be away….

photo credit: http://www.cellphones.ca/news/post002778/


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Glad to hear the wedding was a splash, even if you ruined your toes and your shoes are in the charity bin. I have come late to the texting game and only got the hang of it with my iPhone. But I dislike it and rarely use it, only when someone texts me, do I respond. I am sure that will all change once Riley is of cell phone ownership age. Maybe by then we will go back to morse code. Vitamin B6 might help reduce the inflammation. Any other shoe news?!

Sherry Smyth said...

I'm so glad that the wedding went off without a hitch (you wouldn't be you if you hadn't said that!! lol!!). And only crying 4 times??? You were a model of restraint I'd say! :) Totally agree about waiting for permission from the bride and groom before posting photos and I hope they say "yes" to a few!!

Texting? I do it as little as possible. I find it so impersonal and yes, I'm a dinosaur when it comes to this. Oh I do it occasionally but I much prefer to speak to the person I want to talk to. And I refuse to get a new phone with all the dingles and dangles and apps...apps are what I get before a meal in a restaurant and that's how it shall stay for me!! Good luck with that and carpel tunnel...

Gorilla Bananas said...

Congratulation on your new daughter-and-law. I assume your boy didn't propose to her by text.

laughingwolf said...

it's a telePHONE... nuff said!

[actually, it's a radiophone, but i digress...]

i refuse to learn that crap... and have no sympathy for those who, deliberately, harm themselves :P lol

glad the hitch went hitchless...

Barrie said...

Thank you for the wedding news! And...I have a solution for your texting pain. Get a phone like mine where you can speak your texts! I have a droid 3, but I'm sure other phones have this same capability. You just talk into the phone and the texts type themselves! As do the emails.And perhaps the next novel! ;)

Juliette said...

I have often a cramping/tingling sensation in my arm from (I believe) over excessive iphone usage. That or I am on the verge of a stroke.
I like to text as long as it doesn't go on forever but often times, texts can be misread and seem harsh and cold. This is particularly the case for me as I never tend to add emotion in the form of a smiley face or kisses. Ergo if the person reading it is in a pissed off mood they will deem it rude and sarcastic and I have to rectify this which is a pain.
Talking is better although I can often find this overwhelming and pressurising if it's somebody new or lengthy and tedious if it's banal small talk.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather text than talk any day

Zhu said...

Four times is an excellent average. Too little crying or too much of it could make one look like a bad mother. But you hot the perfect score :-))

I hate texting because I like proper grammar and punctuation and it takes me forever to write one text.

Cid said...

It's true about texting. I find it strange that people say they're too busy to chat but I can always text them. But I don't want to text, I want to talk. Glad the wedding was a success, hard to imagine one of my boys ever getting married. Take care of your hands, now that you're back blogging we don't want to lose you.

Psychgrad said...

Congratulations to your son and his wife (and you)! I hope they approve sharing pictures.