Sunday, November 08, 2009

Thank You

Sunday is a day of rest and I’m taking full advantage of it – putting a halt to the recent frantic pace & catching up on some chores that need doing around here.

I may even cook a dinner. I’ve been nibbling from my Mom’s hospital meals – but only stuff she doesn’t want! However, a salad consisting of lettuce & dressing or a small plastic cup of vanilla ice cream does not make for a balanced diet.

On Monday we will resume the pace – more phone calls & meetings regarding future living arrangements. My mother may be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. She’s eager and anxious to leave but I’m not quite sure she’s ready. I’m hoping we will be.

Many thanks to all those who left comments and/or emailed me – very much appreciated.

Regular blogging (posting & leaving comments elsewhere) has not yet resumed from BooksEtc. This is simply a brief update and a sincere thank you.