Sunday, October 11, 2009

Honest Scrap

During my absence a week or so ago, the lovely apriliniowa of The Mezzanine tagged me with the Honest Scrap Award and while I don’t do memes anymore, I made an exception in this case. It came at a good time – my brain was too fuzzy to come up with any original blog post on my own and it gave me something to do.

Thank you, April.

The Honest Scrap Guidelines
1) Say thanks to the presenter of the award (Done!)

2) Share 10 Honest Things about yourself.
3) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design or those who have encouraged you and then inform them of such, of course.

My Scraps

1. I own very few pieces of jewelry and rarely wear any of them. The one piece I do occasionally wear is a silver locket.

2. I don’t like eating crusts and never made my kids eat theirs. Whenever I leave them on the plate (which is most of the time) I think of and miss my dog.

3. At the very first formal dance I ever attended (long dress, high heels, etc.) I tripped and fell flat on my face. Worse yet, at the time I was graciously making my way toward a guy I had a crush on. (No, not my date for the evening.) In my defense, an electrical cord had been haphazardly left on the dance floor. I still cringe when I remember this mishap.

4. I am unable to wear make-up due to my sensitive skin. What the world sees is the real me.

5. I am by no means a prude but if you tell an off-colour joke in my presence, chances are it will go right over my head. Having to explain these sort of jokes kind of takes the humour out of them. But we can laugh at me instead.

6. Old news with this one – I swear & curse and have no intention of trying to stop.

7. I dress for comfort (i.e. like a slob) at home but always change when going out in public.

8. If you hurt my feelings, I will not let you know. (With a few exceptions.)

9. Unlike April, who noted a vice on her list, I do not possess a single one. And since I am to be honest with this meme, I admit that the previous sentence is a lie. But I am not listing any of my vices. Use your imagination.

10. Being honest is not always the best policy. I believe that white lies make the world a kinder, gentler place.

I must now tag 7 other people. This is where my anti-meme bias kicks in. I just can’t do it. I cannot choose. All the blogs I read are deserving of such an award. I wouldn’t read them otherwise.

Anyone who would like to take a crack at being honest, consider yourself tagged and go for it.


sherry ♥ lee said...

Crustless in Toronto...does this apply only to sandwiches or do you include pies in this as well? I can think of nothing nicer in a pie than the crust...especially the edge!!!

Thanks for sharing your you "tripped the light fantastic" at your dance!!

Hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving!

Deidra said...

"Honesty." It always makes me thing of Billy Joel.

I never went to a formal dance until I chaperoned the Homecoming dance at my daughter's school two years ago. Aye-carumba! I'm still trying to recover from the trauma of that experience! So I guess in some small way I can relate to your story.

Whatever became of the guy who was your crush that night?

Seraphine said...

lol. i love saying honest scrap out loud, because it sounds like honest crap.
i like word games. until people try to play one on me, because then i never get them.
and i wonder what you keep in your locket. usually, people keep something very personal in them. no, don't tell. keep me guessing.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Beth, you really don't want me guessing what your vice is. Trust me on this.

Zhu said...

I'm a no make-up person too: I used to war some in France but I find my skin changed since I'm in Canada.

Summers are so humid that I'm afraid the make up will melt, and in the winter, my skin is way to dry.

cipriano said...

Beth, I've seen you and you looked terrific so #4 is my favorite Honest Beth Thing.

I will say an Honest Thing about myself which I have never told anyone else, ever, because it's so weird.
I can't stand when people buy cookies at Starbucks and then they wait for their coffee-type drink at the end of the bar there and in the meantime they reach into the crinkly bag and pick away at the cookie until they eat the whole thing and THEN they get their coffee.

It drives me NUTS.
I honestly do not know WHY it drives me loony, [like why should I care how someone else eats cookies?] but it does.
I keep saying to myself "I'm not going to watch this time" but then I do. And they do it. It's mostly always women. Not kidding.

oreneta said...

I cannot even come up with one honest thing about myself that isn't stunningly boring, at least to guess I have to leave it at that!

Beth said...

sherry lee:
This year, I ate my entire slice of pumpkin pie – crusts and all!
As for my tripping the light fantastic, I figured (correctly) that due to my fall from grace, that relationship was never meant to be…

Have seen my crush a few times since then – he married a lovely woman and they had three boys!

“…honest scrap, honest scrap, honest scrap…” You’re right, it does!
As for the locket? I wondered if anyone would ask. :)

I don’t think you’d ever guess. Trust me on that. ;)

Use lots of moisturizer during the Canadian winters – more than once or twice a day!

Is it their not being able to wait for their coffee or the pick-pick-nibble-nibble aspect of it that drives you nuts?
Thank you re: #4. :)

To be honest (!) I think mine are boring – lying and exaggeration are so much more interesting…

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

It's so interesting to learn those details of someone's life, things we don't think of as significant and yet they really make up who we are. I'm not so brave as to share mine, though.

beth said...

nice getting to know you better...

I have been tagged with this, too and have to get my ass in gear to get it done...

yep...I swear, too !!

All Mod Cons said...

5. You're getting better. At getting them I mean.

6. Bollocks.

Charlotta-love said...

I've mentioned this before but I really have a hard time touching raw meat. I enjoy eating it...which requires preparing it...which usually requires touching it. I seriously struggle. I've resorted to wearing gloves or using tongs. I'm not nearly as graceful when using tongs and the time to prepare increases quite a bit but I'm not touching it.

Which means I can enjoy it.

And THAT is a good thing.

Beth said...

Bodhi Chicklet:
You’re much braver and more honest on your blog than I am on mine. (Honestly.)

Get that “a” in “g” – I’ll be watching for that post. ;)

#5. I am getting somewhat better – I’m almost a semi-pro!
#6. Arse.

Kudos to you for getting around such an aversion. As a reluctant cook, anything that increases the prep time would be a challenge for me.

All Mod Cons said...

Semi-pro?! HAhahaha! Yeah, uh huh. Whatever you say!


Beth said...

Whatever I say, indeed!
How does it feel to be the one who didn't get it this time??


All Mod Cons said...

Look, you already know how bad my memory is. I can't be expected to remember ALL of my jokes! Mind you, it wasn't exactly a lucid connection, bearing in mind how easily I miss the obvious sometimes.

Hold on a actually admitted, IN WRITING, that you're almost a "Semi-Pro"! HAHAHAHAHHAAA!

Beth said...

With your twisted mind you have twisted my already twisted words. ;)

(that was easy to follow, wasn’t it?)

Mary-Laure said...

Loved reading all this about you. I'm clueless when it comes to jokes too.

Bee said...

I don't eat crusts, either. Unless they are pie crusts!

Learning the fine gradations of honesty is a life's work.

patti said...

Maybe I'll tag myself! What fun learning these things about you was!

Let's see, one honest thing about me (a teaser)... My feet are not as cute as they used to be on account of the bunion on the right one.

Beth said...

Being clueless can add to the laughter!

Being honest with oneself is also a lifelong challenge.
(Just ate another piece of pumpkin pie tonight - with the crust. That is enough ‘til next year...)

Well, your left foot must still be cute!
Do try the tag - I’d love to learn more about you. Wish you’d blog more often.

Beth said...

Beth, I love that you don't eat the crust...but it made me so sad that you miss your dog like that.

I love you girl!!!!

Seraphine said...

my family cussed too. every other word sometimes. so do i when i get tired, but only at home. i'm an angel around other people. haha.

Beth said...

Thought you might relate to that one. Hope your precious pups are doing well.

I save my cussing for home and with close friends only. The rest of the world knows me as an angel, too. Ha!

Pearl said...

my hubby always went crustless but now has switched. you never know what years bring...

I'm picking up the tag at