Wednesday, May 20, 2009


bloody hell…one of those honkin’ big flying ants that seemingly drop from the sky/ceiling just dropped down behind my computer and as I’m headed over to the kitchen for a hunk of paper towel to kill the sucker I see that the ants are marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah across a kitchen counter and since I’m complaining about pesky creatures i’ll mention the saucy blue jay out on the deck who does not even move when I go out there – it’s a stand-off/stare-down and yeah, he/she scares me….and I killed my first mosquito of the season in the family room yesterday….

the warm weather has arrived, summer is on its way – the battle has commenced

beth vs. nature

inside the house? they’re fair game – splat, squish, crunch…

outside? apparently I’m fair game to that blue jay – i duck

oh my god – this is madness – the makings of a horror movie - i just killed a wasp by the kitchen sink!

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Aunt Reeny's After Thoughts said...

Do you have any tricks for keeping stinkin' squirrels away from flower pots?

Beth said...

You're barking up the wrong flower pot - I have no gardening/planting skills or tips whatsoever!
But, hey, have you tried barbed wire? ;)

Bee said...

I like the way you describe the inside/outside natural preserve!

I'm afraid that I get a bit bloodthirsty, too, when it comes to house "vermin."

oreneta said...

I won't mention how much they outnumber us by, m'kay?

At least it's summer, that's good, no?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Flying ants? Seriously?

OMG. I'm staying in California.

Do we have flying ants?

sherry lee said...

There's something awfully "sweet" about you that they like!! I saw the fattest bumble bee today -- he was HUGE!! I used to be afraid of those...I've lost that...and you can keep the skitters out by you thank you very much!!

BrightenedBoy said...

Wasps would be far too much for me. I have a full-blown phobia of them.

I would have thought that at your latitude bugs wouldn't be tha much of a problem yet.

Jay said...

If I have any good bug karma at all, I'm sending it your way!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I shudder to think how many more have invaded since you posted. BTW, you should label it (r)ants instead! I do tend to squash those things inside as well, except for the buzzing, stinging kind (of the yellow and black striped variety). I found a nifty catcher at Lee Valley though - I think they call it a spider catcher but I use it for bees and wasps - we live near water so we have a lot of spiders which means we also have a lot of spider wasps that are always finding their way in. They frighten me but I won't go to bed knowing there is one in the house. I'll try to post something else about the catcher, I've given it as gifts and everyone loves it. But it sounds like you are beyond the catch-and-release phase. As for the bluejay, threaten him with the BBQ, but then again maybe he'll poop on your clean laundry.

Beth said...

We (both the creatures and myself) disregard boundaries at our own peril!

They are legion. I am one.
But, yeah, summer is good!

Seriously (and disgustingly if they land on your head) - yes.

sherry lee:
For sure - just for you - I'll keep all the squeeters here. ;)

Our warm weather has arrived - and with it, all manner of nasty bugs.

"good bug" - an oxymoron?

bodhi chicklet:
I've never heard of a spider wasp - a double horror. I could certainly do with one of those catchers - I'll check it out.
"(R)ants" - good one!

Psychgrad said...

eeyyyy - ants? and wasps? oh my.

VE said...

We are fortunate here in that we don't have many bugs. We do have the insane diving birds in the spring. It passes by mid June though and they go back to being just birds again.

laughingwolf said...

time to get pet lizards, beth? :O

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

A spider wasp is indeed quite ugly and has a nasty sting but performs a terrific public service (also called mud wasps). The build these nifty little cylindrical mud huts, plant an egg inside, then find a spider, sting him senseless then drag him inside the cylinder and seal the end up with mud, thus providing the hatched egg with sustenance. Keeps the spider population down but you don't want to tick off the wasp, they have an enormous stinger. As for being too honest, I don't know. I think "too anything" can be a little dangerous. But honesty is where I like to live. I have perpetuated the santa and easter bunny myths as well as a few others to get me by at the moment but when it comes to important things and especially feelings, then it's up front all the way.