Thursday, April 02, 2009

Rip-Snortin' Raunchy Good Time Had By All

Last night. Best Book Club Meeting ever!! At my place. Of course. ;)

(The post title is somewhat misleading – my fellow raunchees are in the minority.)

Wine and LOTS of junk food served.

Two people hadn’t finished the book (we’re a lenient bunch…) and only one person liked it. Despite this, the book discussion was great.

The meeting lasted longer than any previous one and yet, not one woman had to use the ladies’ room. How very unusual.

But what made it the best meeting ever?

We got crazy silly – laughed and laughed. Mascara was running. I actually snorted.

How many years have we been meeting and NOT laughed like this? Far too many. A bridge has been crossed – there’s no going back. (I hope.)

There are few things more pleasurable in life (yes, I qualified that) than getting together with a bunch of women, telling tales, righting the wrongs of the world and experiencing such exhilarating laughter.

And, no, we weren’t laughing about the book - or about men.

Only one sour note to the evening. After everyone had left, I experienced approximately 15 minutes of the hiccups. I don’t recommend drinking massive amounts of water late at night as a remedy.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Ok, Ok, so what book was it? Now I'm curious, but then again I'm always curious about what other people are reading. Nothing like a good snort every now and then. I hope your neighbors didn't have to call the police!

megan said...

Brutal book, yet tons of fun. Everyone was ready for a good time and we got one! Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest...

sherry lee said...

Nothing is better for the soul that deep laughter! I'm with the Bodhi Chicklet -- WHAT was the book? Even if it wasn't a funny book, something about it, or having read it contributed to the mood!!

Seraphine said...

lol. snorts and hiccups. i *love* it!
being silly is essential to well being, just like drinking water or cuddling.
and reading.
try february flowers by fan wu. its been out a few years, so it should be pretty cheap in the used book section of amazon.

Anonymous said...

getting together with girlfriends over wine, food and books sounds like a blast. You'll probably be chuckling about it all for the rest of the week.

BlackenedBoy said...

Nights like that are so much fun. I love laughing and being ridiculous with my friends.

Good food, good discussion, lots of laughter--what could be better?

Beth said...

bodhi chicklet:
The book was The Lost Painting by Jonathan Harr - a great read for an art lover. Fascinating but I'd never have read it were it not for Book Club.
(No police!)

The hostess with the most junk food - and not one home-baked goodie. (At least, not by me...)

sherry lee:
See above re: book. And you're right - some of the questions for the book culled from the Internet and our responses/answers might have started us off...

Really, what else is there? ;)
Will check out that book. Thanks.

Still smiling when I think about it - all but the hiccups!

blackened boy:
Being ridiculous - highly underrated.
The food? Not so good...

cipriano said...

You are a hoot.
Was crazy Patricia there?

Beth said...

laughing till you cry and snort? that's just the best!!!! May all your other book clubs be so much fun!

Barrie said...

Is there really a cure for the hiccups? Glad you gals had fun!!

oreneta said...

I was laughing like I needed to pee last night with Nomad....nothing like it at all. Though laughing with your kids is pretty darned good too.

Laura said...

It took my book club a while before we all felt comfortable with each other to make those reveals, of either stories or personality. What a great passage. Glad you and your fellow clubbers have passed that point.

Mike M said...

Hi Beth. I see you still have a passion for books. I've been awy for a while but I am back and I have started a new blog. Hope to see you there.

Aunt Reeny's After Thoughts said...

Wine, food and great coversation is a must for me. When I get together with my friends we too make plans to set the world right over a bottle of shiraz or two or three. Although after three it's called 'speaking winese'.

Charlotta-love said...

Good for you! I actually have a girl's night out once a month. We met last night and the same thing happened: food, fun, laughing, late night. Glad you had so much fun!

JR's Thumbprints said...

I was poised to speak in the printed form, yet that great almighty and fearless blog administrator wouldn't let me. Thus I scrolled further and typed while the rain kept falling.

Seraphine said...

i tried leaving a comment on your newest post, but comments have been disabled.
heh heh, see how sneaky i am?

NYD said...

My book club meetings are always insane. That's because they consist of myself and a mirror.

Anonymous said...

I would love a book club like that! Nights of laugher is someting I crave. I miss my friends, that can make me laugh like that. I'm currently reading A Tale of Two Sisters by Anna Maxted. So far,so good.

Hope you have many more book nights like that.