Saturday, March 28, 2009

Of Books & Backs & Tea

If you take pleasure in reading books and the occasional cup of tea….

And you happen to have a somewhat wonky one of these…

Then when you see an image like this….

And this….

Your fancy is tickled.

Well, they happened to tickle my fancy. (Love that expr
ession. But what is a fancy? Where is it located? And just because something happens to tickle one’s fancy does that mean all fancies are ticklish? I digress…)

Credit for those last two images to a brochure publis
hed by The Ontario Chiropractic Association. And while I acknowledge that countless people find success via chiropractic treatment, I don’t happen to be one of them. The combination of the words MANIPULATION, ADJUSTMENT, CAVITATION* and BETH’S BACK sends shivers up that spine of mine.

I’ll stick with my own tried and true methods which continue to keep me fit, supple, mobile – and dancing!

But I certainly do appreciate the creativity that went into the making of those images.

“The technical term for the popping noise (ouch <— my word) made during an adjustment. It’s not your bones ‘cracking,’ but the release of a gas bubble when the pressure between the joints is relieve

This isn’t a very polite question to ask (and reveals my rather base and crude thought processes) but where does that gas go when it’s released?? Best case scenario – you emit a burp during treatment?


sherry lee said...

lmbo...what a fun way to start my Saturday...and no back cracking for this chick either -- it's just not right!! lol!!

rebecca said...

Creative ads. But I'm with you, it does nothing for me either. Still won't go. Terrified of them. I do not trust nor want ANYONE manipulating ANYTHING in my back. No, no, no. I have a friend who has been going for back pain to a chiropractor for years.....for years! Nothing. No improvement. Some cracks here, others there...good to go until next time. To me, this is not progress. I"d be better off with deep tissue massages and yoga and just keeping fit and lean.

patti said...

I (knock wood) don't have back trouble, but I do know a reaaly good chiropractor!

(I have started a new blog.)

oreneta said...

Not advocating, but I have visited chiros and they worked wonders, so I don't have to now.

Good ads.

Casdok said...

Very clever images!
And an interesting question - what and where is your fancy!!

Aunt Reeny's After Thoughts said...

Well, I know that my fancy is ticklish ;()

A chiropractor fixed me. To each their own. The feeling you get afterwards is just amazing.

Beth said...

"LMBO" - ??
Your butt off or your back out?

Pros and cons with any kind of treatment - gotta go with whatever works for you (me) - and doesn't involve fear and terror...

Glad you knocked on wood...
Welcome back!

Many wonderful chiropractors out there - it's all about my fears.
(Hope you're enjoying your "me" time.)

I'm thinking euphemism and/or wherever you happen to be feeling ticklish at any given moment!

Guess it all depends on what's being fixed - and if one approaches it with fear. (Like me...)
As for your fancy? So happy for you! ;)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I'm cracking up over here! Pun intended.

Maggie May said...

All of the above is me!!!

VE said...

This is when I am glad I am so spineless.. ;)

Gladys said...

I agree about the tea, the books and a spine out of wack. I have learned through the years that one must rotate every chapter or half chapter depending on whom you are reading.

Oh and YOGA can not say enough good about it.

Charlotta-love said...

I like the title of this post. :o)

My uncle is a chiropractor and I won't let him near my back. He adjusts my entire family for free. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

that popping sound always creeps me out and the fact that it is 'gas' makes cringe even more. But man-oh-man does an adjustment feel good afterwards!

Hey . . . i have a little award for ya - no pressure to pass it on if you don't want but I received it and thought of you and a couple others.

NYD said...

I have had chiropractic treatment. It's the only time a 4'11" asian woman made me cry.

BlackenedBoy said...

My cousin is a chiropractor, and I have never once let her adjust my back.

I do love massages, though, and will take one of those at any chance I get.

Seraphine said...

i'm scared to let anyone "manipulate" my back.
but i do get regular spa massages, and they make me feel wonderful.
and i try to sit up and/or walk straight, when i think of it.

Seraphine said...

ps. whar rebecca said: regular exercise is the best way to keep a wonky back from getting too wonky.