Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Just In...

The Marilyn Factor


“Women who boast the star’s hourglass figure exhibit higher levels of the hormone that controls desire for multiple partners.”

So that explains it! I’ve been wracking my brain for years trying to figure out my lack of desire for multiple partners!

How (and why) do people come up with such ideas for research studies?

Amazing what makes it to the front page of the newspaper.

But, yeah, it definitely caught my eye.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Do my iPhone boyfriend and laptop boyfriend counts as multiple partners?

oreneta said...

How doooo they get the funding???

Did you say in your comment that you might send me BOOKS!!!!!!!!

Have I said how much I love you lately???

So glad your back on air (books or no)


Beth said...

I'm thinking...YES!
And no hourglass figure required!

Package ready to go - just waiting for me to make the trip to the Post Office.
What I do for love! ;)

Seraphine said...

wait wait. that's a college survey. everyone knows there aren't any rules in college, so the results aren't applicable in the real world. besides, in a sampling of only 52 subjects (and no control group), the survey is statistically insignificant.
note to researchers: be sure to dip the swab in either alcohol, chocolate or cinnamon before you stick that in my mouth.
i assure you my arousal level is dependent on it.

She said...

Just so happens to be the very same university I graduated from -- I think maybe, perhaps, their primary focus is REALLY FOOTBALL!

Could also explain a lot about the GAPS in my education!

I have a TRUNK-LIKE figure so I don't have the desire for multiple partners. (Just thought I'd throw that in!)

I'd certainly be willing to have ONE man right now, though! : )

Beth said...

And I'd volunteer for a control group if they swab with chocolate!

I am (still) cracking up. Told ya you were funny!

sherry smyth said...

s l o w news day. Very slow!!! And with my hour glass figure I've had one partner in my life...I must be the exception to the rule!!

Anonymous said...

Managing one partner is enough of a challenge, thanks, any more would put me in an early grave lol.

patricia said...

Or, as some people in the comment section of the Globe story online have said, women with hour-glass figures, like, um, tend to get more attention from men. Now gee...why would that be? Best go out and do another scientific study to find out...

Patti said...

That's my problem, too.

Sam said...

It’s sad that popular media twists legitimate studies into articles like this. The author of the article has completely misquoted and misunderstood the study (if she even read it, which I doubt). Anyways, I would say this research has much more inherent value than some… mine for instance.

Beth said...

I take it from your comment that your thesis research study is still posing a challenge (i.e. driving you crazy...).
Wish I could help, kiddo.

Beth said...

I guess that explains my desire FOR multiple partners! ;)...sorta kinda