Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moments in Life

A “slice of life” moment.

My niece and my son work at a children’s camp near our family cottages. (Very convenient for visits on their days off.) My niece related the following scene she’d observed at the camp:

My 21 year old (bilingual) son hunkering down to the eye level of a little girl (a tad homesick and speaking only French) offering comfort and conversation in the language she understands.

How wonderful is it to hear stories like this about those you love? And if you can’t be there to witness such scenes for yourself, how wonderful is it to be able to hear the story from someone else you love – someone who loves and adores her cousin?

I’m blessed – not only with my own children but to have so many amazing nieces and nephews.

(Hey, my sisters, we did something so very right…)


Re: the above image. I lucked out! I was checking the camp website for a picture and found this one.

“Hey, I recognize that back!” – and that hat, bathing suit, shape of the head…

It’s Sam from last summer when he was Waterfront Director (a young but well-qualified and responsible Waterfront Director) chatting with another young camper.


oreneta said...

Nice kids, really...I've been watching some counsellors recently...a distinct lack of empathy I can hopefully put down to youth and inexperience. Hopefully. I think from the sounds of it your sons are not so lacking.

megan said...

Yup, somehow, we did some good stuff. I wouldn't trade a single one of 'em - what I love most is that each cousin loves their entire clan of cousins - we are blessed.
YAY, us....

marn said...

ditto Megan! It's great to see how close they All are to each other. And, sisters, WE can take a great deal of credit for the wonderful results!!

Charlotta-love said...

Your family sounds delightful. It's hard to keep a family unit close sometimes but you proved that it's not impossible. The world needs more families like yours and more counselors like your son. :o)

Lainey-Paney said...


Seraphine said...

small kindnesses sometimes go unnoticed. maybe they should go unnoticed most of the time anyway. but it's still nice when it happens to you. or you see it in your children, or your family.
it gives faith that there is good in the world.

La La said...

This gave me that "all is right with the world" feeling, and reading your sisters' responses is way cool, too.

Mrs. G. said...

How wonderful that you have contributed to the future good and kind spouses of America. Nice work, Beth.

Beth said...

I think a camp with good counsellors (with empathy and enthusiasm) depends upon those doing the hiring. This camp does it right!

And we're still doing it. So are they, bless their little hearts.

So much of it (their closeness) has to do with having shared that wonderful cottage experience. (May it continue...)

Oh, we're a delightful family - and dysfunctional in our own delightful way! (Thanks for those kind words about Sam.)

Yeah, my sentiments exactly...

You're right. Good deeds are best performed quietly and without fanfare. But it's so lovely to hear of one!

la la:
Sometimes the world is "all right." Those are the moments to treasure.

mrs. g.:
Thank you! And as you have done, it's best to let their spirits soar. We reap the benefits.

Eileen said...

The little boy in the picture looks so comfortable with your son. He is chatting away, completely comfortable.

I never had cousins, so I love how close my kids are to their first cousins. It is such a special relationship.

You are blessed, having sisters that you are close to and such great kids. This post made me feel so happy inside.


Patti said...

Fun! And a nice story. What a good boy you raised.

Beth said...

I am blessed - to have sisters as friends, wonderful kids and a big loving family.

I raised three good boys!

Sherry said...

I simply call these "blessings".

Beth said...

Doesn't surprise me at all...he is YOUR son after all! You have some great, fantastic boys, just like their mama!

But it's really cool to hear it from someone else...