Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Looking For Love In All The Right Places

It’s official. I’m in love.

My heart’s been captured by the man who cleaned and repaired my eaves troughs. My new-found love wears overalls just like Mike Holmes (of the TV show “Holmes on Homes”) AND has diamond studs in both ears. Who’d have thought I’d fall for this type of guy?

We spent a fair bit of quality time together. Granted, he was on the roof for most of that time but still, distance proved no barrier to our great rapport.

All kidding aside, I do love this man. In a good way. I am truly taken with the fact he came the day I called him and did not charge me one cent for the work he did. (I slipped him some cash – he promptly slipped most of it right back to me.)

And while he was casually walking around on the roof (yikes! no fear) he also pointed out the flaws from that previous roof repair job and told me to call those roofing guys – pronto. (I did.) I also didn’t have a clue what he was talking about (a stink pot? a flange?) and so took notes.

This is a man who owns his own business, possesses an old-fashioned work ethic (rare these days) and refuses to start the metre running as soon as he sets foot on your property.

“I’m not charging you for cleaning out some old leaves…”

He is honest, fair and friendly. And thus, cultivates trust and new clients.

I can envision he and I walking down a flagstone path together in the not-so-distant future.

Yes, that would be my dilapidated flagstone path. He gave me a quote I can live with – I gave him the job.

P.S. If you can find any inappropriate (and unintended) innuendo in this post, you’re good. Or, at least, better than me. I edited it twice to remove/change what I considered “iffy” words and phrases. I’m sure I missed something.


Mrs. G. said...

Handsome and handy-I approve!

oreneta said...

Sounds like a complete winner, you'll have to find more jobs for him, just to keep him around.

Beth said...

oh, I bet you gave him a job all right!!! ;)

diamond studs in both ears?...I am all over that! GO FOR IT!!!!

VE said...

I'm with Beth, what kind of job did you give him? ha ha

Seraphine said...

omg, after reading your ps
i went back and reread (and
nooo i didn't catch the innuendo
until i read about your
dilapidated path which made
my forehead crinkle), then i
read it more carefully and
wow, you are a crafty wordsmith.
if he understands even one
tenth what you are about,
he'll never think about roofing nails the same way again...

Sherry said...

I see a marriage made in heaven...and I'm laughing at Beth's comment....ahem....

La La said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
La La said...

OMG, I nearly peed my pants when I read your PS and then read it again! I can find innuendo anywhere if PROMPTED! Hee Hee!

The first time through, though, NOTHING. The second time, my "dirty" mind did all the work, and I laughed out loud!

Trish said...

Hahaha I'm laughing over here *snort* you are too funny being all worried about innuendo - I say GO FOR IT.

Heck, your description makes ME want him, but I'm betting that sharing him is out of the question.

When I saw the picture of Mike my first thought was 'oh no you don't - he's MINE!' I've had a crush on Mike Holmes for, like, ever!


Memarie Lane said...

Why'd you take out the iffy stuff? Iffy is the best!

Charlotta-love said...

You can make anything an innuendo if you add "if you know what I mean" to the end.

Glad you found an honest handyman...if you know what I mean.

Shari/"Whiger" said...

Nope, sounds pretty innocent to me. :)

Ahem. just a fanasty, right? Grin.

Patti said...

I'd be in love too! My heart rate just went up. What a nice story.

Eileen said...

Yep, he is a keeper. Always lots of work to be done.

Hot and handy, a good mix.

Big smile.

Dorky Dad said...

I've heard that women will often fall for the guys who come by to do various projects not for their looks but their reliability, etc. And apparently the innuendo helps, too.

Princess Pointful said...

Beth and Roofer-Man sitting in a tree!!

elsie deluxe said...

Is that actually him?!? Zoiks, he is very, um, very attractive.

cipriano said...

Sounds like a match made in heaven..... or at least.... the rooftop!
Can I be one of your bridesmaids?
[I promise. I'll shave my legs the day before!]
-- Cip

I'm with elsie deluxe there.
If you don't want this guy, I'll take him.
And I'm not even GAY [that I know of!]

Psychgrad said...

Mike Holmes cleaned your eaves troughs? Hot!

I didn't know that he did actual contracting...With the commercials and television program, I'm surprised that he still keeps his day-to-day business going.

Is he single? Let the stalking begin! I see three kids...but didn't see mention of a wife. I bet you he would fix that leak in your ceiling!

Man - it's really hard to talk about home repair without sounding naughty.

You may have some competition though.