Monday, June 02, 2008

Maybe I Do, Maybe I Don't...

Recently received in my Rogers In Box:

Sender: durante rupert

Subject: you look really stupid estewart

Yes, but do I look like I just crawled out from under a rock?

And that wasn’t very nice, durante.

Somebody out there in cyberspace is losing their touch composing junk mail subject headings that are meant to tempt me to open them.

You don’t use insults.

I’m more likely to check out* the idiotic junk mail about sexual prowess (and other naughty stuff) than click on the one noted above.

If I really want to see myself looking stupid, I can look in the mirror.

And, hey - you are really stupid durante rupert.

So there.

*(I do not check out yucky porn junk mail.)


Mrs. G. said...

I'm speechless. Does it go any LOWER than an insulting subject box? God isn't dead. Manners are.

oreneta said...

That is just so weird...what were they thinking??????

Sherry/Cherie said...

rofl...omg...has durante seen your pant legs?!?!? Was he behind you on the stairs at Indigo?!? :()

Beth said...

only GOOD porn junk mail, right? send some my way...I could use it! ;)

VE said...

You get porn spam email??? I only get loving emails from friends I don't know concerned about my health...

Beth said...

mrs. g.:
Yeah. How rude.
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words..."

Weirder still - checked my junk mail and there was another one there. (But not from durant).

The timing couldn't have been worse for me (and great for you and your wicked sense of humour) with this post!
Of course, if I learned how to dress properly...

Truly - I've never opened that stuff - but have had one of those sites pop up while on another site. Wow.

Jules said...

How totally rude! Well look on the bright side....... at least he didn't say "you look stupid and fat".

And he was stupid enough to put the title on the post itself so that you didn't have to open it and waste time reading it.

Sornie said...

I am totally amazed at the level of creativity in the world of automated spam e-mail. It truly is a craft to behold. And then burn in Hell for.

Princess Pointful said...

Maybe he was hoping you'd reply out of anger??

Dorky Dad said...

I'm amazed at the fact that many people make a lot of money doing stupid stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

That is so rude and stupid. How in the world do they think they can get you to read that, much less invest in their crap. I hate spam and the junk mail that creeps past my filter.


Beth said...

Hey, you have me wondering if the email from "durante" could have been porn?? I would definitely have looked stupid on a porn site.

If he'd put "and fat" - less likelihood of some people opening it. We all occasionally look stupid! ;)

And I'm totally amazed at the fact some people actually open this stuff and read it - that apparently it's worth sending.

princess pointful:
If so, he was wrong. I thought it was funny.

dorky dad: they really?

I rarely get spam/junk in my In Box - that's why this was such a surprise. (Plus, the fact my name was in it!)

Charlotta-love said...

I am lucky. I only get emails from people oversea who are near death. They are rich and want to give me money. Oooh, ooh, ooh...lucky me!

Pavel said...

You sure told Durante... lol

Nothing like spam.

Shari said...

I have no curiosity with spam. I don't know the sender, I press the spam button.

I get a lot of "get three inches or more" kind of email that didn't make it to my bulk folder. I just laugh. I don't need three inches anywhere. I get "mirth" instead of "girth." Hee.

To me, spam is a waste of time. I am surprised that they keep sending them when most of us don't open them. Doesn't make sense.

La La said...

He must not have had any good English teachers! The "lead" or title is crucial in capturing your audience's attention. This is a very unschooled dude!!!