Monday, May 19, 2008

Screw Up

(Warning. The following subject may not be of interest to non-Canadians. For that matter, it may not be of any interest to Canadians either.)

I began a post (an entirely different one) regarding the fact that today Canadians celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday. Queen V. was Britain’s longest reigning monarch. She was in charge of “things” from 1837 – 1901.

I screwed up that post because I got totally confused as to the dates involved. And no wonder. Queen Victoria was born May 24, 1819. Canadians traditionally refer to this celebratory weekend of her birthday as THE VICTORIA DAY WEEKEND, THE 24TH OF MAY LONG WEEKEND or THE MAY 2-4 WEEKEND (like a case of beer).

Today is May 19.

To further confuse me, this weekend we also celebrate the birthday of whoever happens to be the reigning monarch at the time. This would be Queen Elizabeth II. Her date of birth is April 21, 1926. (So, a belated Happy Birthday, Your Majesty, from one of your confused subjects.)

If you want to totally lose your mind, try to make sense of the timing of this holiday. Check the history as to how “those in charge” decided when it is to be celebrated. Go to this link. I dare you to take a quick peek.

I did. And I lost it. I gave up on that original post.

As a polite, respectful (“don’t jump the queue”) typical Canadian, I am simply letting the matter go.

And that is why this post (which is somewhat rambling and incoherent – like my brain at the moment) is basically an explanation for a post that never came to be.

Consider it a non-post. A rather lengthy, but basically saying nothing post.

However, I can offer three facts:

Today is a statutory holiday in Canada.

We will have fireworks displays which frighten my dog.

And no one actually thinks about the rather formidable looking Queen Victoria.


oreneta said...

Two, no three thoughts occur to me, lets see if I can remember them...I love that it is the may 2-4 Canadian, and no one gets it outside of Canada,

2. That website was wickely confusing...OMG

3 HA! I remembered them all!!! Three...wait...yes...I once knew a child of 18 months who looked strikingly like Queen old age. Fortunately she outgrew that.

Charlotta-love said...

so...happy un-birthday?

patricia said...

I love how we have such silly confusing holidays for a dead Brit Queen who spent a good part of life wearing black. Typical for us Canucks.

I used to think of this day as just another holiday, but now that I work at home, sadly it's a work day. I also use this day as a marker for when I gotta start thinking about planting...

Beth said...

That poor child.
And, yes, that web site - and the actual holiday scheduling - are crazy.
Still, it's a holiday!

I'm sure both Queens will appreciate your un-birthday greetings.

If you're planting today, get out your mittens and hat. It's freezing out there.
Another reason why it would have made sense to put off the May 2-4 holiday weekend.

All Mod Cons said...

Queen Victoria was a hardass, make no mistake. Although it does baffle me as to why you lot celebrate her birthday and not us. Unless we do and I don't know about it. Which wouldn't surprise me.

Also, your point about nobody actually thinking about the reasons behind the holiday, isn't that the same for EVERY public holiday? Christmas, Easter, Bonfire Night, Halloween...take your pick, they're all bollocks.

And I love your rambling posts! MOST amusing!

Patience said...

Oooh-weee!! She's really pretty! In a scary kinda way . . .

Reminds me of President's Day here, which replaced Washington's Bday & Lincoln's Bday with a day nobody is born on.

So Happy Victoria Day!!

Beth said...

This was definitely one of my rambling posts - verging on the incoherent.
(You're a holiday grouch.)

Scary? Yes. A tad grumpy? Yes. Pretty? Not so sure about that.

Eileen said...

Enjoy your day off, hope your dog does ok with the fireworks. I hate the loud noises too!

The picture was a, harsh looking. The website did confuse me, but it doesn't take much these days. So happy celebrations!


Cheri said...

Your rambling post made me smile.

Beth said...

The boys took the dog down in the basement - as far away from the noise as possible.
(Hope things are going well in your world.)

Well, my original one would have made perfect sense - would have been clear and concise. (Hah!)

Sherry/Cherie said...

Loved thist post!! Why? Because it explains Canadians so well -- we are often confused -- about these little matters but not of our own doing -- it's the "whoever makes these decisions" -- try explaining this one to your kids - isn't that fun? Never mind the 2-4 weekend (that they get!!!), it's the whole "why do we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday?" and having to explain the Canada/Britain connection and how things were done in the "old" days...and then I just lose interest!!

VE said...

You know...I left a comment on here but I don't see it. Also, I'm not sure which post you were referring to in that I left a confusing comment.

Beth said...

You did leave a comment in reference to this post (I think) but it ended up on The Needles in a Haystack post. And that was my first clue that it should have gone here - one does not celebrate acupuncture. Or maybe one does?
Anyway, thanks for leaving comments - anywhere!

Shari said...

A comedian made money on a show about nothing. People like nothing. It was called Seinfeld. :)

(I tried posting this but Blogger cut me off and then I was not able to get back in. Aaarrgh.)

Psychgrad said...

haha - I agree with Sherry/Cherie. By the time you figure out what the holiday is about, your dog is going balistic and who am I to argue with a day off?