Monday, April 07, 2008

Technical Support (And Laughs)

I rarely use the Video-on-Demand feature of the cable television but last night thought I’d watch a movie recommended by various bloggers. (Love Actually.)

No such luck. All I saw was, “Warning, this movie may contain coarse language…blah, blah, blah…” and the screen went black. Next, a phone number appeared and I was advised to report my problem. Okay, will do. Don’t want to pay for something I didn’t see.

Here’s where my luck changed.

The nicest guy came on the line. We must have chatted for about 30 minutes. (Some of that time was spent giving technically challenged Beth directions.) We talked about movies, books, dogs – nothing inappropriate. Just plain fun and interesting. And we laughed. Looking back, it seems odd to have shared laughter with a complete stranger but hey, laughter is good any time, any place and with anyone.

When it was established that no matter what he did at his end or I on mine, the movie was not going to appear, I thanked him for his efforts.

His reply? “I’m here for another three hours – we can keep talking.”

Hmm. That seemed wrong. I didn’t take him up on the offer.

But still, those 30 minutes were a reminder that life is full of unexpected and delightful moments – encountering such friendly, engaging people in the craziest of ways.

Better yet? I was NEVER put on hold!


Sherry/Cherie said...

Oh I love this story Beth!! Love Actually indeed!!! It was rather fitting that you "connected" with someone, sight unseen, no preconceived ideas ... just a shared interest in life's pleasures and natural laughter.

I think you were meant to try "on demand" just to have this experience, to remember what this feels like and that you have so much to offer ... :)

Anonymous said...

Is that the "twilight zone" theme I'm hearing here?

How fun that you had such a nice spontaneous conversation with a tech support guy! Who woulda thunk. . .?

Casdok said...

Wow!! :)

Beth said...

I do like your take on this - the "things happen for a reason" philosophy.
What progress - I'm ready to enjoy a 30 minute phone call!

Hmm. Maybe the experience does have "twilight zone" overtones to it.
(But he was a funny guy.)

Wow, indeed!

traveler one said...

That's beautiful :)

oreneta said...

The real miracle is that you were never put on hold. I once had a totally hysterical conversation who was trying to talk me into getting my chimney cleaned. I didn't have one, but that didn't stop him, half an hour and a declined date offer later I got off the line, but it still was a cool encounter...

Psychgrad said...

That's cute. Kinda of creepy, but cute.

VE said...

You didn't purchase any Ginzu knive or Amway products in there did you?

Gary said...

Sounds like a better time than a movie anyhow! I like this story. Of course he's happy too.

Beth said...

traveler one:
Well, it was definitely fun.

How very true (about not being put on hold) but I did have to talk to a mechanical voice first and "he" kept saying, "Okay, now..."

I know it sounds kind of creepy, but it was really just a fun encounter.

Certainly not. No money spent at all!

Yeah, he sounded pretty happy. Bonus for him - he got to waste some of his work time.

Mrs. G. said...

Let's just cut to the chase? Is he married? Would this mean free cable?

Dorky Dad said...

Funny. That's the kind of story you'd hear about in "Love, Actually."

Just sayin'.

Lynda said...

Nice reminder that people that work in call centers have lives too... lol at the 'love actually' bit.... great movie by the way - I love the music, and one bit always makes me cry.

Beth said...

mrs. g.:
Not married - too young - and geez, cable is expensive.

dorky dad:
Really? Well, now I must try again or rent it from the video store.

Yet another recommendation - I have to see this movie!

La La said...

I LOVE that you were never put on hold. Shows that "they" do have some control over that! And, I love that he offered to keep talking to you! Sweet.

Great story!

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet story, almost better than the movie! Not being put on hold, that is really a miracle. I wouldn't be surprised if some day you found yourself with another cable problem, and found yourself chatting again, with your new friend. You just never know, friendships develop from the strangest places. Plus, it is a definate plus, to have a friend at the cable company.

I do hope you get to see that movie! It's a good one.

Princess Pointful said...

I can't believe I'm the first one to make a bad love connection joke!

patricia said...

This is a fascinating story, especially after just reading your new what do you think? Could you get a good idea of what this guy was like by talking to him on the phone? It's certainly harder to pretend to be someone else if you can at least hear their voice.

It was refreshing that you actually had a pleasant experience with tech help on the phone, I must say. Do you regret not continuing the conversation? I suppose you made the right decision...who knows? He could have been the 'Cable Guy'!

Oh and btw...I saw 'Love Actually' a few years back – not that great. A bit too schmaltzy for my tastes.

Brendan said...

I can only wonder about all those other cable customers, staring at blank screens, hearing over and over, "All of our representatives are assisting other customers. Your call is very important to us. Please remain on the line."


Beth said...

That never occurred to me.
And even though you've pointed it out, I still don't feel at all guilty!

Brendan said...

No reason why you should. We all get to be self-centered once in a while.

I just like to tease.