Sunday, April 27, 2008

Special Day, Special Boy

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Wish you were here.

I’m sure you do, too. Birthday cake and gifts are much more fun than spending your special day studying for an exam.

My apologies to both you and Ted for having given birth in late April. (What was I thinking??)

And you know that gift I bought and told you I was so excited about and then Christopher laughed and made fun of it so now you’re a little apprehensive thinking it might be one of those “crazy Mom” gifts? (Whew, long sentence…) Well, they delivered the wrong item. Not sure when the right one will arrive. The suspense continues! And please don’t laugh when you finally see it. My heart is always in the right place despite the fact I apparently (occasionally) suffer a brain malfunction when buying gifts for you boys.

In closing, do I dare use one of those sappy terms of endearment I have for you? Hell, yes.

Miss you, love-bug.

Talk to you later…see you soon…and good luck on your exam.

Lots of love,

P.S. I also apologise for the fact you inherited my fly-away, fine hair.


Cheri said...

Happy Birthday Sam! And you have lovely, handsome, gorgeous hair.

Sam said...

Thanks! If you click on the picture & enlarge it, you'll see the true nature of my hair!

oreneta said...

Ah, late April pain, it won't are going to have to tell us what you got him...later.

oreneta said...

OMG...Happy Birthday Sam, good luck on the exam...what was I thinking hitting the post button before I said that!

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. G. said...

Happy Birthday, Sam. I hear hawt young women have a special place in their hearts for fly away hair-it's the new sixpack.

Sherry/Cherie said...
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Sherry/Cherie said...

Happy Birthday Sam!! ...with the fly-away fine hair!!! Of course we are all intrigued now by what kind of gift your mother has bought you!!!!!

Best of luck on your exam!! My guy finished on Friday.

And happy birthing day to you Beth!! ♥

(I deleted my first comment because I made a mistake!!).

Narnie said...

Best wishes on your special 21st!! I KNOW your Mom's gift and I think you'll really like it. Sorry you aren't back today but at least we saw you last Sunday! Good luck cutie on your exam!
Love, Narnie

Beth said...

To All:
Thank you for your best wishes for Sam!
And Sam - see you Wednesday!

cipriano said...

You look cute.
You are probably not so cute NOW.... but you were very cute, then, in your Miniature Years.
As was I. And am now, not.
My staticky hair still sticks to the top of my car ceiling, when I drive.

Mamma said...

Happy Birthday Sam.

Good luck on the exams.

And you know you have an amazing mama, right? Flyaway hair and all...

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! I just want to squeeze his little cheek.

Best wishes to the birthday boy and his mom. . .

Beth said...

awwww....Happy Birthday Sam!!!!

so when do the rest of us get to know what you got him? ;)

Mom of Three said...

How can you stand that that adorable, sweet little boy is all grown? Since I now have one that age, I need to know! Prozac? Drinking in the afternoon?

There's just nothing sweeter than a little boy at that age!

Barrie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sam! I'm sure you're mother's gift is perfect!

sam said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. :).
Cip - You may have lost it, but i've still got it.

Attila The Mom said...

Happy belated birthday, Sam!

And just praise heavens at this point that you have hair.

If it starts to go, then you can really blame Mom!