Friday, April 18, 2008

Love, Actually (Finally)

Last week I was finally able to see the movie Love, Actually via Video on Demand. (Alas, no tech support needed this time.)

And I don’t care if it was schmaltz. (Nod to Patricia…)

I love Happily Ever After endings!

Guess what my favourite part was? I know, I know, you can’t possibly guess and even if you could, you can’t actually answer.

But here’s a hint – the dancing part. (What a surprise.)

Hugh Grant as the British Prime Minister dancing around 10 Downing Street to “Jump” by The Pointer Sisters. If I were that housekeeper, I’d have joined him!

(Be still my heart.)

If you care to watch this very short video, you must (as always) - PUMP IT!

Enjoy your weekend.


Sherry/Cherie said...

Oh too...I always want to dance whent that's on..and if Hugh was dancing...I'd have thrown up that binder and boogied on down with him too!!! Glad you I'll watch it (haven't seen it actually)

Mrs. G. said...

I can't believe this is your first time to see it. Now your life is complete. I couldn't even pick a favorite part, though all the ones with Colin Firth were delicious.

VE said...

I'm afraid they'd have to pay me a LOT of money to dance on film. Because then I'd have to use it to refund all those who paid to see it.

oreneta said...

Haven't seen it, indeed I hadn't heard of it, maybe I'll give it a go!?!

msbdlp said...

THANKS! loved it I agree with mrs. g, Colin Firth is hot too!
My "next" one will dance!!!

Shari said...

I haven't seen the movie yet. I love the British accent. Oooohh. It took some time to download and the kids had me replay it four times. LOL.

I wonder if you liked the dancing in Risky Business? Old Time Rock 'n Roll with Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear. Of course, I would rather have Hugh doing that than Tom. (Shhh...)

Brendan said...

Almost went to see that, but it must be admitted, less for Hugh Grant and more for Emma Thompson. Call me crazy.

Brendan said...

I think the crush began with Dead Again, for those of you keeping score at home.

Cheri said...

That is one of my All Time Favorite Movies. And I lurve that scene with Hugh Grant. I even have the dang soundtrack, but don't tell anyone.

Beth said...

Well, "actually," you should see it. I highly recommend it as a great bit of light romantic fare.

mrs. g.:
Oh, yeah, Colin Firth was divine - but no dance scenes!

I'd pay - expecting a comedy!

Like me - late to the party when it comes to so many movies.

Your "next" one will possess a great many wonderful traits - but we're going to give that some time, right??

I LOVE the fact your girls had you replay it 4x!
(Hugh Grant > Tom Cruise.)

Emma Thompson was fabulous - such a beautiful and talented actress.
(I'll start keeping score...)

Your secret is safe with me.
Aren't happy movies wonderful?

patricia said...

Well, as schmaltzy as I thought that movie was, I confess that I too loved that part! I still think Hugh Grant is a cutie, and it was a real treat to see him shake his heinie, since he's usually pretty much relegated to stuffy and tightly wound characters.

Eileen said...

I am so glad the movie worked for you, but did you miss your technical friend a little bit? Seriously, I loved this movie!! I did not want to see it, but my friend dragged me to the theatre and I loved it. Such a happy, feel good movie. I LOVE when he does that dance.
Glad you finally saw it!

PrincessB said...

I LOVE that part and that movie! Movies should end well!

Mom of Three said...

Without getting too detailed, let's just say I'd have gone in the back seat of his BMW and not even charged him $15!

Patti said...

I love that movie. I've seen it a gazillion times!

Dorky Dad said...

I liked the part where that one English dude went to ask that girl to marry him after walking through the town surrounded by people. It was a cute scene.

Beth said...

that is one of my VERY FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME!!!!! It's very very hard to pick a favorite part, cuz all parts of the stories are delicious.

Hugh Grant!!! YUM!

Barrie said...

I love this movie too!