Sunday, March 02, 2008

Vive la Différence

The first picture came in the mail from a real estate company that does business in this area.

The picture was taken circa 1921 and shows a northerly view from a major intersection located (very) close to where I live. (The ‘hood where my “peeps” and I hang. Okay, I know that was so un-cool – couldn’t help myself.)

The second picture shows this same intersection today.

Quite the difference, huh? Incredible.

Same hill but with a completely different sort of civilization or way of life built around it.

I could wax nostalgic about the good old days but despite my advancing years, I WAS NOT BORN IN 1921.

Progress. Wring your hands and shake your head at the changes but people need both somewhere to live and all those “extras” that go with the sort of living we do these days. You know, things like groceries, gas, clothes, manicures, pedicures, massages, fast food, drugs, etc.

One thing remains the same. That hill can be a bitch to climb in the icy winter months.

(And, no, I am not in the picture. Trust me. I looked. Unless…hey, is that my little red car heading east???)


Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Aren't you glad you have that little red car?? Imagine trying to get up that hill with a horse and cart!! Did they come with 4 wheel drive? LOL!

Mrs. G. said...

That hill does look like a major bitch. Good thing spring is on the way!

Anonymous said...

Horse or car, I would not want to do that hill in the winter!! It is always fun to look at the changes. One local restaurant has pictures from the past and present. It always amazes me!

I am so ready for spring. Today we were treated to a nice sunny day, and tomorrow they said it will be in the 50's, but an ice storm on Tuesay. I give up.

Anonymous said...

I love Toronto!

I have an old picture of the Don Valley back when it was farms and woods...and now look at it, it's all roads and over passes and appartments. I guess that is what is called urban spread.

oreneta said...

Let me guess m'kay? There is (or was) a McDonalds one the near right hand corner, no?

Patti said...

Ahh, blue skies and green leaves. Did the world ever look like that?

Beth said...

4 wheels and 4 legs! (If memory serves...)

mrs. g.:
Spring on the way? Is it? Is it really? So weary of snow and ice.

Either this winter has been particularly trying or we're all getting old and cranky. Perhaps a bit of both?

Thank Heavens some parks and ravines were preserved. (And some of them close by here.) It would be depressing surrounded by so much concrete.

Still is! (We call it McPukes.)

Yes, it DID. And it will AGAIN!
So looking forward to that.

Brendan said...

Nice pictures, but Cheese 'n' rice:

The ‘hood where my “peeps” and I hang.

If you're gonna bring the hip hop, lose the whitey punctuation and get the first person right:

The hood where me and my peeps hang.

And prefer chill or roll to hang.*

What, you been "hangin'" wit' Mitt?


*Being painfully white myself, I'm almost certain this advice is several years out of date.

Beth said...

Okay - totally humiliated - particularly with my use of "I" rather than "me."
Watched the video and I promise never to use the expression "bling bling."

"Cheese 'n' rice" ????
You crack me up.

Mamma said...

Life without pedicures??!!!!

Let's not get crazy.

Cheri said...

I love those pictures that compare then and now.

Beth said...

Oops - sorry! Just comparing then and now. Nothing wrong with regular beauty maintenance!

So do I. I was actually quite pleased to receive that bit of junk mail.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

I'd rather live in the older one. But then you'd expect that from me.

Beth said...

Yes, I would expect that from you. Not surprising at all.

Gary said...

Wouldn't it be fun to stand on that old bridge and watch the creek go by? Life had its challenges back then, but many of us long for the simplicity, yes? (Hey, did they have high speed wireless then?)

Dorky Dad said...

You have a little red car? I have a little blue car. We need to find someone with a little yellow car. Then we could have cars of all colors. Or something like that.

Beth said...

The simplicity is appealing but realistically? I need plumbing and electricity.

dory dad:
Or we could play bumper cars...

Brendan said...

"Cheese 'n' rice" ????
You crack me up.

Glad to have made you laugh, but I have to admit, that's not my line. I swiped it from the latest episode of Mr. Deity, a new-to-me podcast about which I haven't yet blogged only because I can't come up with enough superlatives.

Minnesota Matron said...

Wonderful to see the comparison -- wow. We once saw a picture of our house and street, circa 1915. Desolate comes to mind. Now we're a hub!