Monday, December 17, 2007

Citizen of the World

Oreneta honoured me with the above award and with these kind words:

“To Books Beth because she is always empathetic even when she has crap of her own to deal with...and she is funny too. Not sweet though. A little edgier than that, and that is a compliment.”

Thank you, my friend. And I do appreciate the “edgy” bit.

While I’m a citizen of the world in the general sense (I do live on the planet) I don’t consider myself particularly worldly. I haven’t traveled enough nor have I experienced so many things I once dreamed of doing.

But Oreneta provided a definition of what it means to be a Citizen of the World that I can relate to:

“So, in honour of folks who can look beyond themselves, their accustomed way of thinking, their own culture and beliefs and see that others can be correct, that they have valuable contributions to make and are worth knowing and loving, and who recognise that there is more than one way of doing EVERYTHING…”

And she ended her post with this question:

“What do you think constitutes a woman of the world?”

Woman and/or Citizen of the World – both require empathy, the ability to care. And you really don’t have to have traveled the world to care about others. Nor do you have to be experienced and worldly in order to do your best to understand those around you and those far away. You must simply consider yourself connected to others in a very basic and humane way - and act accordingly.

I’ve previously mentioned that I’ve always encouraged my children to live their lives according to these simple words: Be kind. It works for them and it works for me.

To be compassionate, kind and committed – incorporate those traits in your everyday life and you are a Citizen of the World. And you don’t have go very far at all to put them into action.

I would like to pass on the award to:

Attila - because from her corner of the world she reaches out to so many with her humour, understanding and compassion.

Sherry - because she is an inspiration to everyone whose life she touches…and she has so touched mine.

(I finally had to limit myself to two choices because my list was going on forever. I chose one person from my “old” blogger pal group and one from the “new.” There are so many Citizens of the World out there. You know who you are.)


Marla said...

Congrats on your award!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Beth!! Perfect award for you and also perfect choices to receive the award. You all are "Citizen's of the World" in my book and all deserve this!

Enjoy your night!!


Jen M. said...

What a neat award.

When I grow up I want to be a woman of the world!

Shari said...

Congratulations. You certainly deserve it.

If I can teach my kids to show kindness to others and empathize, then I know I did something right. :) To me, that's a model citizen. And you are one.

cipriano said...

I so agree with Oreneta. You are both "edgy" and "funny". And definitely a "citizen of the world" in more than the geographical [alone] sense.
It's funny [or perhaps psychotic] but today at work the thought went through my mind. How would I best describe my concept of heaven.
As in "How would you best describe your concept of heaven?"
My answer was, "Awareness".
In that sense, heaven can be NOW.... but, it depends on one's "awareness" of that.
Being a true "citizen of the world" can be synonymous with being a "citizen of heaven."

oreneta said...

Kindness is so true, I have found myself in the wound down frantic moments of children squabbling simply sitting them down, looking them over then explaining (and begging) them to please just be kind. Please.

Lovely post.

Barrie said...

Glad to see you got an award. I certainly enjoy your blog.

Attila The Mom said...

Thanks so much for choosing me and congrats on your award!

Let's go get drunk and kick something. LOL

Beth said...

Thanks - and thanks for visiting my blog.

"You are all Citizens of the World" - as are you...

jen m.:
It's definitely something to aspire to. How old are you??!! (Must check out your blog.)

I don't see how you could not teach your children kindness and empathy - you are a perfect role model.

Psychotic, no. Unique thinker, yes.
If heaven actually is our time here on earth ("NOW"), then awareness is essential. I should have added that to my definition.
(BTW, I think my Mac is dying too. Power of suggestion?)

Serious post, serious subject matter - and yet you still make me laugh! I can just picture you begging your kids to be kind - you're supposed to do it in the calmer moments as well!

And I enjoy yours - glad we found one another.

Yeah, let's be mature women of the world and kick some...whatever...

The Guy Who Writes This said...

A very true assessment. Good for you and thanks for writing.

Mary said...

Be kind. I like that. We tell our children that they should be helping themselves or someone else, pretty much all of the time. Here's to looking beyond our small lives, for all of us.

Sherry said...

Beth, having met you and having come to know you through your blog, I affirm that you are a citizen of the world. Even when the bad stuff is happening in your world, you are still about others. You are a woman of the world.

I am flattered, touched and humbled by your words about me. I am honoured that you have chosen me as one of the recipients of this award ~ that you consider me a citizen of the world. If I have inspired one other person in this world I feel that I have lived a good, full life. Thank you Beth.

Dan said...

"Be kind". So simple, isn't it?

Thanks for being my very cool and swee ... um ... swell friend this year Beth.

I'm sending heaps of hugs and love your way!

Anonymous said...

Well deserved!

Your worldliness, kindness and edginess comes through in your writing...a very good combination and that is what keeps me reading.

Princess Pointful said...

Well deserved, as always.
You're going to need a new award shelf soon!