Monday, November 19, 2007

Catching Up

Thanks for all the wonderful, supportive comments while that respiratory flu temporarily took over my body. And my life.

Wow. Did it ever hit like a ton of bricks. It was brutal - but not as brutal as the one that downed me years ago before I started having flu shots.

This recent experience (along with some of your comments) has me wondering about flu shots. Apparently coming down with this ailment a week or so after getting that needle in the arm is a common occurrence.

Dilemma for next year. No flu shot and risk catching a whopper or get stabbed and risk a mini-version?

To mangle some famous Scarlett O’Hara lines: “Oh, fiddle-dee-dee…I’ll think about it tomorrow...”

An aside for hockey fans – my flip-flop 7th place Toronto Maple Leafs beat the 1st place Ottawa Senators 3 – zip Saturday night.
Still smiling and shaking my head. What the hell? What’s with you guys?
And take note, Cip. I’m not gloating. I’m still in shock.
My thanks to Psychgrad for leaving this comment on Saturday, “And good luck to the Leafs tonight… cough…cough…”
I think it helped. Do it again!

Please bear with me. I’m hoping to check in with everybody but I’m not 100% recovered. (90%?) And then there are all those mundane chores left undone these past few days. The boys have been a great help but let’s face it. They don’t possess my x-ray vision and unrealistic standards. Nor have my nagging (request) skills been up to scratch lately.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. My 2 cents worth is to skip the flu shot and take your chances. Dunno...maybe that's just me.

Shari said...

I've been leery of taking the flu shot myself for the very reason that others get sick anyway.

A catch-22 situation: You're darned if you do and you're darned id you don't. Hate that.

Get well soon. Yes, you gotta get your boys "trained" so their future wives will thank you. ;)

Sherry said...

Glad you are on the mend!! Take you time and don't rush don't want a relapse!!

Beth said...

It's the memory of having that flu years ago that makes me leery as to taking my chances.

I'm done training them. What you see is what you get!

More timely advice from my friend Sherry - I may lie down for a bit soon. (Drat.)

Psychgrad said...

I'm still hitting myself for jinxing it by taunting you before the game.

Re: flu shot...I'm biased. I've never had a flu shot (to my knowledge) and I've never had the flu (knock on wood).

Princess Pointful said...

It is the worst how the flu likes to hang on, just a little, once the worst is gone. Not enough that you can justify resting 100%, but enough so that working is that bit more difficult.

T*mmy said...

I'm glad to hear you are on the mend!

Just take your time my friend! Be easy on yourself!

Have a great day!

Beth said...

Would you please consider taunting "us" again?
And you'd better knock on wood about this flu!

princess pointful:
Right you are. I am kind of slow today but definitely better than I was.

Oh, I'm certainly taking my time - don't have much choice!

Mrs. G. said...

I'm glad you're back with the living. Hope the house isn't too bad...don't you hate that x-ray vision?

oreneta said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better...I have never gotten the flu shot, but I was wicked sick last year....hmmmm

Beth said...

mrs. g:
Yes, x-ray vision is the pits. I can spot dog hair a mile away. (Okay, maybe not a mile...)

Perhaps you should consider getting one?
(I love that use of the word "wicked" - as in wicked good or as you said, "wicked sick.")

Lainey-Paney said...

sorry you've been sick. glad you're feeling somewhat better.

Dorky Dad said...

WOOHOO! Congrats on the award! Congrats on getting better! Congrats on coming to the realization that you should probably not get a flu shot next year! Yeeeha!

Gary said...

Glad you're feeling stronger.

I don't like needles and figure the cure could be worse than the flu for me (or most healthy people). But lots of friends get it - a number seem to have a reaction this year.

As for the Leafs - wouldn't a Leafs-Canuck final be fun? Maybe in our lifetimes...

Beth said...

I'm glad too - and today I'm feeling even better. Almost at 100%?

dorky dad:
That's a whole hell of a lot of congratulations. I'll take them all...
Love your seasonal picture - but you're rushing things for me!

Interesting. I've noted more people having reactions this year, too.
Afraid of needles? That is so male...
A Leafs-Canuck final would be fun - a Leafs-"Any Team" final would be great!

Beth said...

ya know what? You do what's best for YOU...and I heard that you "can't" get the flu from the flu shot...but I don't believe that...everyone I know who gets one, ends up sick!!!

Beth said...

My conclusion?
Flu shot (often) = flu.
(But a milder case.)

cipriano said...

Hi Beth:
I'm drunk right now and so I should not say too much.
But anyhoo...... about the Sens!
Versus the Leafs, and whatnot.
No, never mind.... I'll come back some other time when I'm not so loaded. I just vomited. In Jack's shoes, no less.... wait a minute.... that's MY shoes!
-- Cip

Beth said...

You're getting more like your cat every day. (And does Jack even own a pair of shoes?)
As for the "whatnot" - if you're game, I'm game.
(And I'm sober.)

Angela said...

I hope you continue to feel better! I'm terrified of flu shots so always take my chances. Of course, I'm a bit of a gambler that way, anyway. Lots of good wishes for a continued recovery!