Sunday, October 28, 2007

Old Friends

It’s time to get back to serious matters on this blog.

What better way to do so than with a book?

And not just any book.

The above is a photograph of my childhood copy of Winnie the Pooh. (Probably stolen from my older sister but possession is nine-tenths of the law.)

This is the book that was read to me, that I eventually read on my own and, that, yes, I defaced - although that’s rather a harsh word for the scribblings of a little girl.

At the time, it was imperative that I trace the path from Pooh’s house to Christopher Robin’s house to Piglet’s house to Rabbit’s house…

It just seemed the right thing to do.

I uncovered this gem while going through a box of books from university. Which begs the question – had I taken this book with me to university? How attached was I to Winnie the Pooh and friends?

As a child, I thought the dedication in this book was written especially for me.

To Her

Hand in hand we come
Christopher Robin and I
To lay this book in your lap.
Say you’re surprised?
Say you like it?
Say it’s just what you wanted?
Because it’s yours –
Because we love you.

(I still think it was written just for me….)


Shari said...

I've always liked Pooh. I decorated the girls' room with Pooh assessories. I guess I overdid it because they don't like Pooh or Mickey Mouse. Sigh.

Sherry said...

Oh this is charming!! I hope you did take Winnie and Friends to taking a well loved teddy bear!!

I love that you traced the routes to everyone's home... and you know, reading that dedication...I think it really must have been written "just for you"!!

Beth said...

I had the nursery decorated with Winnie the Pooh pictures, too. I think we did that decorating for ourselves!

I think the dedication was written for every child (including me) who took that message to heart!

Mrs. G. said...

This post reminded me how much I used to love writing in my books when I was a kid. Many of my favorites books had long comments in the margins written in my large loopy cursive. I think it might have just been the rush of of doing something naughty or the thrill of seeing my own hand on the printed page. I do love Winnie the Pooh.

Anonymous said...

I love Winnie the Pooh and in fact life would be a lot better if we listened to the messages within those sweet tales. "a little thought, a little kindness, a little consideration for others can make all the difference." Such a sweet book, and I love how you traced the routes to Christopher Robin's house. Ah, if only life were that simple, and we could all live in the 100 acre woods and make paths to the homes of the ones we love......I guess you can tell I really Winnie and friends. Did you ever read the Tae of Pooh? I think I am an Eeeoyre, but that is ok.
thanks for sharing this.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

We have a pooh stick bridge down the road, and we really do play pooh sticks there.

Dorky Dad said...

Ah, Winnie the Pooh. My sister decorated--wait for it--her KITCHEN in a Winnie the Pooh theme.

It was horrid.

Beth said...

I confess. I did a lot of writing and colouring in my books when I was a kid. Guess I wanted to be a writer way back when!

So many sweet, basic messages in those books. And you're right - when I look at the "100 Aker Wood" it does seem like it would a nice place to live!

Hey, that's marvelous.
And you have Pooh Bear to thank for inventing the game! (Although he first used pine cones...)

dorky dad:
Okay, I love Winne and friends but in the kitchen? No way.

Beth said...

oh I LOVED winnie the Pooh. My youngest kid loved him too...tho he would never admit that now! I look back at pictures of him in pre-school, and EVERY picture...he has on some kind of Winnie the Pooh outfit...too cute. Think I could get him to wear something like that now? ;)

oreneta said...

I had exactly the same book...same edition, same cover, same pictures...the works...and hmmmmmmmmm, I always thought it was written for me! I love his books of chilren's poetry even more...

Christopher Robin goes
Hoppity hoppity hoppity
Hoppity hop...

And when I tell him
Politely to stop it, he
Says he can't possibly stop

If he stopped hopping
He couldn't go anywhere.
Poor little Christopher
Couldn't go anywhere.
That's why he always goes
Hoppity hoppity

And then there is James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree....who took great care of his Mother, though he was only three.....

Oh, I LOVE A.A. Milne...

Beth said...

I'm thinking could NOT get him to dress in anything having to do with Winnie the Pooh now! Not even for Halloween.

Ah, this post brought back some good memories for you! Got you going with your Milne verses.
And that dedication was for both of us!

charlotta-love said...

I still have that very book. It was given to me by someone (obviously very dear to me). I loved Winnie until I realized his name was Pooh. Who names a character Pooh?

And someone decorated their KITCHEN? wow. I thought cows were bad.

Lapa said...




In the 1st centenary of his birth


Beth said...

Hey, I think the fact his name was Pooh probably appealed to most kids! Got them interested in the book.

Lainey-Paney said...

I took Shel Silverstein books to college with me... and Cecil, my sock monkey.

Princess Pointful said...

I remember when I discovered that book, and how much it had to say above and beyond the cartoons. So lovely.
Children's books are magnificent, in that the words and the memories behind them are so very tangled.

Lotus Reads said...

What an awesome blog you have! I was so thrilled to see this post..."When We Were Very Young" was the first book I ever received. I still have it and hands down, it's my favorite book!