Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Pal

That’s Major, my 12 year old gentle, loving giant.

Every day he lies waiting at the backyard gate – for the boys to come home, for someone…

And every day it breaks my heart, just a little.

He’s having a bit of trouble these days – has aggravated the arthritis in his back. Each time I see him drag his left rear paw, I panic. (I know, I know, I overreact, over-worry, over-stress…)

I’m doing the daily pills routine and bribing him to eat with whatever appeals to him. Dry dog food be damned.

If I lose this guy, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Ah, hell, I do know. I’ll simply carry on.

That’s what we do, right?


oreneta said...

There is somthing about a waiting dog that is so guilt inducing. Like you should just do something about it RIGHT NOW. Hang in there with the pills...and whatever he likes to eat. May as well get strip sirloin, he's old enough to have good taste.

Shari said...

It's so unfair that dogs age so fast-about a year every seven and a half weeks. :( I know it hurts to see our pets get like that.

Take care.

charlotta-love said...

Oh goodness...he is beautiful. Just love every day you have.

Casdok said...

Yes that is what we do. But it dosnt make it any easier.

Beth said...

He definitely has excellent taste in food - we've never stuck to the dog food only rule. (How boring...)

He's such a treasure - gives so much love. We're lucky we found him all those years ago.

I'm doing that - and trying not to spoil the loving with fear.

You're right - it's not easy at all. (And sometimes so tiring...)

Lainey-Paney said...

that picture is so sweet & so sad!
I agree w/ oreneta...let him eat steak!

...okay're very expensive w/ your champagne dreams & caviar taste...


bec said...

It's heartbreaking to even think of losing a pet.

I agree: let him eat steak! My dad feeds his elderly greyhound ham and he's not supposed to (too much salt, she has a heart condition). But it makes her happy...

Sherry Smyth said...

Losing a pet is losing a valued, beloved friend and family member. There is something so poignant about a "friend" who waits patiently for those he or she loves to return. Something we don't often find in our human counterparts. My heart is with you on your friend's poor health Beth. If you lose him you will go on as you said, but it will not ever be the same. He's blessed to have you.

Anonymous said...

Aww what a sweetheart that dog! Dogs are so much a part of the family that losing them is unthinkable. It's so hard to watch them getting old and weak...give him lots of love and tummy scratches.

Hey, I'll come and give him some paw massages. Although my dog growing up never liked that...he would pull his paw out of my hand and put his snout in. Better to reach behind his ears that way. Much better.

Princess Pointful said...

I'm glad you have him.
Life feels oddly empty without a pet at the moment.
It was impossibly painful when I lost my cat about a year and a half ago after only three years with him. But all the pain in the world is worth that three years.

Beth said...

That's a picture I could take of him every day. I'm going to hold back on the caviar but I'm about to make cheese sauce to entice him!

Yeah, it is heartbreaking to even contemplate a future without this guy.
(See above re: my next taste "enticement.")

We've been so blessed to have him. You wonder how you can become so close to "someone" who is silent - and then you realize he speaks to us in so many ways.

He is such a sweetheart. And the only place we can (safely) pat him right now is around his head - good thing he loves those ear rubs!

princess pointful:
Not surprising at all that you still miss your cat. And I am definitely grateful for our 12 years - I'm still hoping for more.

All Mod Cons said...

Your dog rocks!

Steak and pills, definitely the way forward. Little bits of steak though, just so he doesn't have to bother himself with chewing too much.

Beth said...

all mod cons:
Yes, he does rock!
And you're right about little bits of steak - the poor guy is missing some teeth. (Although he tends to gulp down the good stuff.)

MyUtopia said...

Awe poor doggy. I want to just give him a big hug!

Beth said...

It would have to be a very careful hug but he'd love it!

megan said...

Whatever way you look at it, our Major is one very loved dog. Just count the number of people in his life who adore him........then smile.

Beth said...

Doing a combo - smiling, loving and still worrying...

patricia said...

Yes, that's what we do – we carry on when we lose a pet – but it sure ain't easy. You never forget the little guys. They are party of the family.

Great pic, btw. What a sweetie!

Beth said...

no, we don't do that...we lose control and cry our eyes out and become crazy. Don't go Major!!

Pets are our babies....

tracey said...

Yes, it's what we do...but it's not easy, is it?

Beth said...

He is such a sweetie.
(Another visit to the vet later today...)

I'm starting to lose it now which is just awful because my "baby" is still lying here beside me.

It's very hard.

Angela said...

*Heavy sigh* I miss my big guy, so. I wish I knew how to just be in the moment and appreciate what we have while we have it instead of those damn feelings of impending loss we all deal with. It sounds like you've been through a lot lately, though, so it seems natural to me that the consistency of having him there is important. Here's hoping for a few more years with him. I think it's okay to cry with our dogs. In fact, I know my life is better because I have. (And now that's got me crying just thinking about it -- post to come on that one.)

Beth said...

Anticipating "impending loss..." - that's exactly what I'm doing and it's so wrong. Selfishly, I just don't want to deal with another change right now - and such big one.
So sorry to hear you lost your "big guy." These creatures become our friends, our family. They ask so little and give so much.

Sam said...

i'll be home tomorrow major :).

Beth said...

He knows! I told him!

cipriano said...

I'm sorry Beth. Really, being sincere.
This has nothing to do with your current blog, but... it's just that.... Ottawa just won for the second time in as many nights.
Even with GERBER in net!
The guy eats BABY FOOD!
It's early in the season... well... reall early.
Anything could happen.
Even... even Maple Leaf-shaped Miracles!
Yours truly,

Beth said...

I knew I'd hear from you - somewhere, somehow, so that you could GLOAT!
I am seriously ticked at the Leafs.
And if I have to listen to, "Here comes Heatley or Spezza or Alfredsson (sp.? who cares?) with the puck," any time soon, I'll scream!
Next time, buddy, next time...