Monday, October 01, 2007

Leo Lit Up My Life

Strange post title but it’s true. Leo did light up my life.

I met him in the local Staples store where I’d gone to purchase zip discs for my Zip Drive to back up work from my computer.

(I am now aware zip discs and Zip Drives are obsolete, thank you very much. I’m beginning to think I am too.)

Leo was a customer looking at computers who overheard the salesclerk inform me the store hadn’t carried zip discs for years.

I’m guessing Leo is in his twenties.

I know Leo is not shy and possesses a heart of gold.

Without a moment’s hesitation he gave me a big smile and said, “Hey, I have lots of zip discs I no longer use. You’re welcome to have them.”

After much sputtering on my part (wow, thanks, how? when? where? Are you sure?) I gave him my phone number. Correction – I gave his girlfriend my phone number. I’m old enough to be Leo’s mother but I’m not that trusting.

I never thought he’d call. He did.

Arrangements were made and two nights later, my eldest and I drove over to Leo’s apartment building. (We got lost. Eldest commented, “We’re not lost. I know exactly where we are.” Good point but we still weren’t where we were supposed to be.)

Leo met us in the parking lot. Not only did he give me tons of zip discs, he gave me a zip drive. AND I GAVE HIM A LOUSY TWENTY! Had no idea the discs cost as much as they did until I got home and saw a sticker price. (I’d been using a stash purchased many, many years ago and not by me.)

Leo (whose last name and exact address I do not know), I owe you big time! Not just for the discs but for your kindness and generosity.

You know that Pay It Forward concept? The passing along of a good deed? I’ll be doing it. For Leo. And for every person who takes the time to do something kind for a perfect stranger.

(I’m definitely not a “perfect” stranger but I’m thinking Leo is pretty damn close to perfect…)


oreneta said...

The cruising world is like that all the time. It is so nice to find it ashore. A great line the kids love. We're not lost, the house is lost.

Shari said...

There are nice people out there. We just don't see them everyday. Strangers, that is. I have a Zip disc I never used. Just sitting there, useless. Why'd I buy that thing when I don't have a place to put in my computer? I was new at computers. I was sick of floppy discs. Now I have jump drives. Love those.

Typical male: We're not lost. Still don't like to ask for directions. (wry smile)

psychgrad said...

Question to anyone out there - what's the best way to save everything from your computer? USB/CD/other?

Beth - glad that you found Leo and his parking lot.

patricia said...

That is a great story. And boy did you ever get a good deal on those discs! I remember how much I used to have to pay for those suckers. I believe in 'paying it forward' too, and try to do the same whenever I can. I don't forget 'the kindness of strangers' and it's important to keep that good feeling alive.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that great when things like that work out? I Love the idea of 'paying it forward' too bad the movie of that name was so bad.

charlotta-love said...

In college, my biggest problem was procrastination. (who DIDN'T have that issue?!) One of my professors required us to have a Zip disc. I wandered through the book store one day, saw the Zip disc, saw the price, and decided I'd wait until the absolute last minute before spending the $10 or so on one disc. Mad at myself for procrastinating, I went back the following day to "just buy the stupid thing." It was on sale: 50%

Lesson: sometimes it IS better to procrastinate. (try telling my parents that!)

skye lighte said...

I guess I am the typical male but I am female......I am not lost and I never ask directions. Maybe my identy hasn't come ashore yet...
Usually I am interrupting the clerks to help the people.....too long in retail, I suppose.

Beth said...

there ARE nice people in the world!!! Who woulda thunk it?

Casdok said...

Its good to be reminded that there are decent people out there!

Beth said...

No wonder you love cruising if that kind of behaviour is the norm.

There are nice people everywhere - we just don't always get the opportunity to meet up with them. I was lucky!

I checked with my eldest.
For everyday use, USB (although sometimes it's unreliable). Otherwise, a DVD or CD (and a DVD has more storage than a CD) or an external hard-drive (more expensive than a DVD or CD but gives you more bang for your buck).
So why am I using zip discs? Guess I'll eventually go with an external hard-drive.

Great story - great guy. Made my day.

I didn't see the movie but I really like the concept. Actually, it's been around for ages - "Do Unto Others."

That was sheer luck!

skye lighte:
Never ask for directions? Lucky you.

Yup, there are nice people in the world - you're one of them!

Lainey-Paney said...

um...I never did the zip thing...and now you're telling me that I've missed it entirely? We've moved on to something else?

...I miss all the fun stuff.

Pavel said...

Loved this post and I loved that movie! Zip Disks and a Zip drive???
Wow! Retro!

I actually have two zip drives and a bunch of blank zip disks in a box. Being a computer tech, people often give me stuff they don't use any more.

skye said...

Lucky is a good word...finding a way around is a good fortune. You made my day with such a direct comment.

Beth said...

For sure - every once in awhile it gives you such a lift to experience something like that.

Yup, zip discs are fun and I'm so obsolete I'm still having fun with them!

Lovely comment! Now I feel absolutely ancient.

MyUtopia said...

Great story!
We had to recently destroy some old zip disks at my work. You know something is outdated when we don't even use it at MY work!

Beth said...

I'm obsolete, retro, outdated...
Oh, well.
I'll try something new when I use up all my zip discs from Leo!

Anonymous said...

I love to hear about people like Leo. Makes me believe that most people in this world really are good at heart, we just hear about the bad so much.
What a sweet and kind man. What a nice post to reflect on tonight. I love the whole pay it forward concept.

Beth said...

He's a special guy and I was lucky to meet him - not just for the discs but for having been the recipient of such kindness.

Attila The Mom said...

What a fabulous tale!

Got a huge smile on my face. :-)

Princess Pointful said...

It is those little acts that help overcome all those people who cut you off on the road and so forth, doesn't it?

(though, I'll admit, at first I was hoping you'd found a younger admirer!)

Beth said...

I still smile whenever I remember the encounter!

princess pointful:
I was wondering if anyone would think I'd met someone (with a title like that). Maybe others did, but you're the only one who admitted it!

All Mod Cons said...

Awww! Bless him. Such random acts of kindness are rare, but mean loads. Nice to know there are people like that out there!

Beth said...

all mod cons:
I actually did say, "Bless you," while thanking him.
Such a nice guy.

psychgrad said...

Thanks Beth (and to your son). I really need to do a better job of backing up. I've heard so many horror stories of people losing entire theses.

Beth said...

You're very welcome! I once lost an entire novel. The house was robbed, my laptop (with the novel on it) was stolen and any backup disc I had used was never found. (The house was trashed, too - we probably threw out the disc by mistake while cleaning out.) I am now paranoid - not only do I back up, I hide the discs!

Angela said...

Very cool.

Beth said...

Definitely cool...