Saturday, October 20, 2007

Holding Back No More

I’ve been so good. I’ve managed to restrain myself from posting about one of my addictions - ‘til now.

Yes, folks, the NHL season has begun. (NHL = National Hockey League for those not familiar with those all-important letters.)

My beloved Toronto Maple Leafs are back in action with 3 wins, 3 losses and 2 overtime points. (I’ll spare you an explanation regarding overtime points…)

And thus begins a season for Leaf fans that goes something like this: hope, despair, hope, despair….

Very exciting. Very suspenseful. And, at times, very trying.

But how boring life must be for fans of teams that consistently win. No highs or lows – just that same old humdrum, “Yup, we won again.”

Right, Cip? Poor you.

Alas, no game attendance for me this season unless I’m prepared to fork over big bucks for scalper’s tickets. The ex has custody of the hockey tickets. (Company owned.) I’d rather have the dog, anyway.

However, I’m giving serious thought to offering my services as the team mascot – Carlton the Bear. I would see every home game! And I think the uniform would fit nicely.

Think I’m crazy? Well, you’re late to the game. That’s already been established. How many bloggers have their favourite team’s name as one of their Topic Labels?

Don’t be afraid. I only posted about the Leafs seven times last season – not nearly enough to frighten away faithful readers.


I answered the phone the other day and heard this!

“Hi, I’m Mats Sundin….

(Sundin is the Leaf Captain.)

I got so excited! It’s amazing how quickly thoughts tumble through your brain. I’m like – why he’s calling me? it really Mats? did he get my number?…free tickets?… All this in a nanosecond.

I was just about to say, “Hi,” when the recorded voice continued.


He was calling on behalf of Rogers Cable and Leafs TV.

That was mean, Mats.


Sherry said...

Go Leafs Go!!!
I hear you...hope, despair, hope, despair..and we have that down to a fine art here in the big TO...last Stanley Cup win was????? Yeah baby 1967!! Davey Keon!!!
Okay...I think you would love to be Carlton the Bear...shake that booty baby!!
We must talk sometime...I am a big old hockey girl from way back (and spend 3/4 of my life in arenas with the boys playing as much as they have/do...I'm the original hockey mom, complete to being team manager for something like 10 years of my life). We must get together for tea/coffee/wine...and talk and I'll tell you about the road trip I took with the Leafs in 1975....
And how very mean of Mats to fool you that way!!!!!!!
(I noted you did not discuss the McCabe debacle! Good!! That was a subject much discussed by youngest son who is a Leaf Fan and his heart rate was up and down in that game!).

cipriano said...

Mats scored a beauty of a goal tonight!
Real nice. His fourth of the season.
I do like him.
But yeah, my Sens... they do seem to be sort of a holy [or unholy, depending on what end of Ontario one lives!] terror out of the gate, this season.
I just hope that Ray Emery's wrist does not give him too much trouble. I don't want to have to count on Gerber to keep enemy pucks out of the netting... no. He's doing quite well NOW, but no, I trust him not. I think that Paddock should go with Emery as #1 goalie.
Sherry mentions McCabe... yes. That was horrid. He had to feel a bit like Chris Phillips of the Sens felt, in a very fateful playoff game last season.
Hockey. It is so nerve-wracking for fans. Anything can happen. And so quickly.
I wish your Leafs the best this season Beth, I really do. Because you are so nice, and stuff.
But, of course, ultimately now, you know that I want the Stanley Cup to be filled with OTTAWA champagne at the end of it all, right?

oreneta said...

Wooohooooo!!!!!!!!! Though over here in Spain we have already heard people giving up hopes of a play off spot, which seems a little early I have to admit.

Gotta love some hockey...

That was mean of Mats

Beth said...

A kindred Leaf spirit!
And a road trip with the Leafs - how did you swing that?
Re: McCabe. One of my sons is also very upset - gave hell to bunch of ya-hoo fans giving McCabe such a hard time. Toronto is a tough town to play in.

This is the nicest comment you've ever left re: the Leafs/Sens. I'm suspicious. Is the pity factor in play? It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings! (That's not me...)
And the Leafs will be happy to fill The Stanley Cup with champagne shipped from Ottawa.

Anyone giving up on the Leafs NOW is not a true fan.
Yeah, that was mean of Mats but effective advertising. I listened to the entire recording!

Sherry said...

Toronto IS a tough hockey town!! People jump on the bandwagon and then off so quickly!! Youngest son having played defense most of his hockey career (has moved back to centre) felt McCabe's pain...and something like that can happen so I always say to hockey parents who are screaming at their kids (or other people's kids!)...can you get out there and do it better? Just try!! Most of them can't!!
I managed that road trip when I won it at an was offered by the Toronto Sun and I was the lucky bidder. Quite the experience!!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I am addicted to football where my beloved 49'ers have been on a losing track for years..but I recalL thE glory days so I hang in there each aand every Sunday hoping and wishing and rooting for them - I can relate!

Mike M said...

Great post!!

Tag!!!!!!!!!! You're it!!

Come and see

Bobby said...

I don't know... mascots tend to get roughed up a lot.

Beth said...

Hockey parents live vicariously - and some are better behaved while doing it than others...
As for the road trip - wish I'd been reading The Sun back then.

princess extraordinaire:
My sympathies and my encouragement!

I'll check it out.

I don't think anyone has ever roughed up good old Carlton.

Lainey-Paney said...

...I'm just not that into any sport. I always root for our local teams, but I am not a die-hard anything fan.

Psychgrad said...

Leafs suck...What's their goals against average? Sorry, I just had to put in some anti-Leaf sentiments to ruffle some feathers. :)

Dorky Dad said...

Yeah, I hate it. The Minnesota Wild have lost only one game all season and it's been terrible. Just terrible. Everybody's upset. We've had to suffer through almost nothing but wins all season long.

creative-type dad said...

LOL! The recorded voice.

We get so many of those from celebrities during "voting season" out here. It's crazy.

Beth said...

I'm not sure where my passion for this game came from but it started at about age 11 - can't stop it now!

Can't ruffle my feathers - Leaf fans have had to develop tough hides!
(You're good - checking that goals against average...)

Just as I said. How boring - no excitement. I feel so sorry for you.

creative-type dad:
Well, I've been fooled by more than one recorded voice - I actually once did respond. I'm wary now.

Princess Pointful said...

That WAS mean.
I could use a similar philosophy for the Canucks so far this year. *sigh*

Psychgrad said...

I can't take full credit. R is a hockey nut, so I get random hockey stats.

Beth said...

princess pointful:
Canucks, Leafs...they keep the season interesting for us!

Random hockey stats abound here, too.
Anything I want to know, I just have to ask...

Gary said...

You are a romantic with delusions of grandeur (aka Leafs fan).

I moved from the GTA about 18 years ago and was converted to the hapless Canucks. How can a team every win the Cup when their town is famous for double lattes and good pot?

But I still hope... that's the part I brought west.

Beth said...

I'm more like a frustrated optimist suffering from periodic bouts of manic depression. (Game time.)
Are the Canucks shipping that good pot to the Leafs?
Keep hoping...