Friday, September 28, 2007

Blogging Bonuses

I met the lovely Trish from The Coffee House yesterday.

And, of course, we had coffee (what else?) as we did the get-to-know-you-in-real-life thing at a local Second Cup.

While I really wasn’t expecting to meet up with a cartoon character (see Trish’s profile picture above), it’s remarkable how much Trish resembles that woman – the hair, the smile, the sweet expression. (But much prettier and more vivacious!)

Our getting together is one of the many perks of blogging – meeting new friends. An additional bonus is the fact you already know so much about the person from their posts – no initial awkward conversation.

We just started talking and kept on going….

It was great meeting you, Trish!

(And thanks for making the drive.)


Anonymous said...

And it was great meeting you too Beth! Yeah, we started gabbing like we were picking up a previous conversation...I guess that is one of the perks of blogging.

It was a really enjoyable morning.

Beth said...

Definitely a good time - we must do it again soon - follow-up on all our insights as to the world, etc. (You know, all those heady topics we discussed!)

Beth said...

Crap. I spelt your name wrong in the above comment.

Casdok said...

Sounds like fun!!

Beth said...

It certainly was!
(Thanks for visiting.)

Angela said...

Absolutely! Wish we were closer so we could have coffee. Here's raising my glass to you in spirit, Beth. It's good to know you!

oreneta said...

So glad you two had fun...We'll have to try to all get together next

Beth said...

I'll drink to that (literally) with my mug of tea.
Good to know you as well!


Princess Pointful said...

I'm so glad that people are able to translate these relationships into reality. I wonder which of those people I feel so familiar with will be coming my way, or vice versa.

MyUtopia said...

That is really awesome!

Beth said...

just throw salt in the wound why don't ya!!!! I WANNA MEET YOU GUYS TOO!!!!!

WAH!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Beth said...

princess pointful:
I'm thinking you may have a visitor in the person of All Mod Cons in your future! The lure of the Canadian west coast...

It was. I've been lucky meeting so many great people via blogging.

We all want to meet you too!
Plan a trip here for next summer? Or sooner?

Shari said...

Meeting a blogger in person sounds scary and fun. We put our heart and soul into our blogs. Things maybe our family or close friends don't realize.

I wouldn't know what I would do if I met one of the regular bloggers in person. I'd be so nervous.

Shari said...

BTW, I wanted to add that I am glad you had a nice chat with Trish and a good time, to boot. :) It's probably easier to start talking when you know so many tidbits about them.

Beth said...

Nervous? With me?
Nah! I don't bite and I'm very nice! (Or so I'm told.)

Anonymous said...

You are both so lucky! I am so jealous!!! I would have loved to have been there sitting and having coffee, gabbing away with both of you! What a wonderful time for two really WONDERFUL people!!!

Beth said...

We would have loved to have had you there - another wonderful person to "gab" with!

Attila The Mom said...

I'm soooo jellus! Two of my most favorite people!

I'm going to meet up with Imfunnytoo from "Did I Miss Something?" on Saturday.

She's going to book a room in the same hotel and we're going to order room service and have a pajama party!

I can't wait!

Beth said...

I wonder why women love the idea of a pajama party but men cringe at the thought of sleeping anywhere near another guy?
Have fun!