Monday, May 28, 2007

Using the Old Brain

Do you like reading?

Do you like quizzes?

If you answered yes to both questions (or just one) head over to cipriano’s Bookpuddle blog and try his First Lines Quiz.

It’s fun.

And if I do say so myself (since no one else is going to say it for me) I did bloody well.

Hurray for me!


oreneta said...

I love reading, but scored ABYSMALLY, although I have to confess that I have to ask my husband which movies I have seen as well....just cannot remember titles...names, yes, titles, umm, what was that?

Glad your back.

Beth said...


Hey, you tried!

And I would score abysmally on anything to do with boating or Catalan or art...the list is endless and depressing and I'm going to stop right now.

Dorky Dad said...

Crud, I glanced at the first couple and gave up because I knew I'd do poorly. So unlike Oreneta, I didn't even make an effort. But I have an excuse: I'm a natural born idiot.

patricia said...

Ugh. I'm not even going to mention how many I got right.

You're just too damn smart for your own good, lady!

Beth said...

dorky dad:
You're a natural born comedian - and kudos to you for even glancing at them!

I just read too much.
(Can one read too much??)

tracey said...

Glad you're back and feeling a bit better, Beth!

Dorky did better than I...I didn't even click the link!

Beth said...

Better and better every day - thanks for checking in.

Travis Erwin said...

I only got three right.

Beth said...

What can I say? Seriously, what?
I don't even know you!
How about - extra points for trying!

Dan said...

No fair! This is prejudiced against books that only have pictures.

Beth said...

You're right. Not fair.
Some day I'll make up one with pictures from books like The Cat in the Hat, The Little Engine That Could, Pat the Bunny - JUST FOR YOU!

cipriano said...

Hey Beth!
Thank you for this. I only have seen it now.
I was wondering where some of my new traffic was coming from!
-- Cip

Beth said...

Hey, it was a great post!