Friday, April 13, 2007

Absolute Trivia

I could write about recent developments in the Afghanistan war (gee, we’re finally purchasing some more tanks), the Canadian nominees for the 2007 Man Booker International Prize (Atwood, Munro and Ondaatje) or other important issues.

I’m not going to.

I’m having one of those days. If I take on my brain, I’ll lose the fight.

Instead, mundane matters:

I am currently fighting an invasion of ants in the kitchen. Big black ants.

I kill them with a Kleenex or paper towel – by hand. I’d use my foot to stomp/squish them but they scurry along the kitchen counters and up and down the kitchen cupboards. I’m just not that agile.

And, yes, I’ve thought of ant traps but their favourite hang-out is the green bin where we put food waste. What’s the point of putting an ant trap at the bottom of that?

I hate these little suckers. But time is on my side, right? This has got to be a seasonal thing.

Hey, I wonder if they’re destroying the inside the walls of my house? I tend to go with the worst case scenario. That one fits.

I (started) a spring cleaning of my closet. I have four pairs of jeans. Amazingly enough, they all still fit.

And now I am wondering. When do people stop wearing jeans? They have been a part of my wardrobe since I was a teenager. Will I still be wearing jeans in my seventies, my eighties? That visual just doesn’t sit well.

I think my generation is the first to confront this fashion dilemma. Sure, jeans have been around a lot longer than I have but the wearing of jeans has never been so much a part of a generation’s psyche, their history.

And do other bloggers ever have times when they feel schizophrenic? When they attempt to write a witty (or, at least, somewhat amusing or intelligent) post but things are not 100% hunky-dory in “real” life?

I really have to get over this sense of feeling obliged to post on a frequent, regular basis.

Life beckons. Good or bad, it beckons.


oreneta said...

Yup, I wondered about jeans. I grew out of them for a while, but I think I am growing into them again....I think the issue is how you look. Jeans with 'depends' probably is not a look I'd want to go for, no?

patricia said...

We got ants, too. Wandering around the kitchen, obviously sneaking in through our needs-to-be-replaced deck door. We had what seemed like thousands of them last year, building nests all around our front walk. Those little ant killer traps work wonders, but obviously you can bring those into the house...

Ahh...jeans. You can fit into your old ones? I hate you. I still have an old pair (size 6...sigh...) but I really don't think I'll ever get into them again (Oh to be 21 and skinny again!) But I do have a pair I've had for 10 years (obviously larger than size 6) that still fit. I paid only $20 for them, and they are actually made in Canada!

I recall reading on a blog once about a woman who was considering paying $2,000 for a pair of jeans she really liked. The mind boggles.

Rebecca said...

I think it would be cool to wear jeans in your 70s. I hope getting older doesn't mean you have to trade your denim for polyester because jeans are my favourite clothing item. I'd like to be that granny wearing jeans and Converse.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Sound like carpenter ants. I get them on the first warm week of the summer.

I can't remember the last time I didn't wear jeans.

Mamma said...

I think I'll always wear jeans.

Yes, I often feel like I have nothing interesting to blog. I still don't know why anyone reads what I have to say.

Re: the ants. Have you tried putting chalk around the container? Ants won't cross a chalk line. We lined the doorways with it and it actually worked.

Beth said...

Jeans and "Depends??" OMG - I never even considered that. How depressing.

Don't hate me. The jeans that fit are not really old ones. We're talking the last five years or so - but we're not talking the size!
The ants - wish I knew where ours were coming in.

I am NOT going polyester. No way.
Grandparents in jeans and running shoes...could be the next trend.

Please, no, not carpenter ants.
And, it's still freezing cold up here. To think I might have more ants (or a different variety) when the warm weather comes. Yech.

Brilliant - the chalk thing! I'm about to scrounge through the junk chores for some.
Re: our blogs. I think that even if we feel we have nothing interesting to say, those blog friends of ours remain faithful!

Beth said...

P.S. I meant junk drawers, not chores.
Not functioning at full capacity today.

patricia said...

Eeep! And I meant to say that you CAN'T bring in those ant traps into the house!


Beth said...

I understood you - never fear.
And I wouldn't have brought them in anyway 'cause of the dog.
(Or, at least, not put them on the floor.)

Beth said...

I don't think you're ever too old to wear jeans...jeans are the best and they are all I wear anymore.

and you have Skin So soft from Avon? that's supposed to get rid of ants...just put a little down where they are and see what happens. I hear that stuff is good for all kinds of stuff!

Attila The Mom said...

"And do other bloggers ever have times when they feel schizophrenic? When they attempt to write a witty (or, at least, somewhat amusing or intelligent) post but things are not 100% hunky-dory in “real” life?"

Oh yeah, I do that all the time! LOL

Yikes on the ants.

Beth said...

We'll stay in touch, okay? I'm older than you so I'll let you know what it's like wearing blue jeans at 80!
We have Skin So Soft at the cottage - for mosquitoes. Doesn't really work for them but I'm willing to try anything for the ants.
Chalk and Skin So Soft. Check.

Despite the schizophrenia, we soldier on.
Personally, I think you could put a humorous slant to anything. You're gifted that way (and other ways...)

JR's Thumbprints said...

Did you know that the largest ant in North America is the carpenter ant? Hopefully it's just a season thing.

cipriano said...

Beth, I think it is safe to say that yes, the ants are totally eating your house.
Secondly, I wear jeans for probably about 90% of the time. Really, almost the only other thing I wear is my work uniform.
Thirdly, the schizophrenic issue, I know what you are saying. Sometimes I have a real lousy day and yet I will post something that [well at least to me] is funny or whimsical.
Thing is, I think that a blogger should not feel guilty or misleading about doing so, because it is the blog-writing itself that cheers me up! I bet the same happens to you. You FEEL better after posting something that is satisfying to you.
Fourthly, and I may be wrong on this... but I think that Atwood, Munro, and Ondaatje [GO CANADA!] are judges on the Booker panel, not nominees.
I could be wrong.
No I'm not.
Yes I am.
[Whoops... went a bit schizo there!]

cipriano said...

Hmmm.... maybe you are right, Beth.
I've seen other blogfolk saying the same thing, that Atwood and Munro and Ondaatje have been NOMINATED for the Booker.
But I mean.... what has Ondaatje even WRITTEN lately, to be nominated?
I still say they are JUDGES.... but I am shaky on it.
Like for one thing.... hasn't the Longlist not even been announced yet?

Beth said...

I keep singing, "The ants are marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah!"
They'd better not be carpenter ants - just couldn't cope.

Oh, buddy, you are so wrong. Atwood, Munro and Ondaatje are among the 15 nominees. Anyway, the winner isn't announced until the summer. That will be THE NEWS.

As for the schizophrenia - you are so right. Blogging does often force you to be "up" and gets your mind off other matters.

One more issue - I hope you're wrong about the ants! (Such comfort you offer.)

Princess Pointful said...

I had an ant infestation in a former basement suite. I tried all the traps, and they failed miserably. Against my principles, I had to resort to Raid spray (supposed to kill for 2 weeks), and it totally worked.

Beth said...

princess pointful:
At this point I would have no scruples about using Raid - if I could find their point of entry.
I can't spray the entire kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I work in a nursing home, and there is one old lady (probably 85-90 years old) that still wears jeans. Now she doesn't wear them on a regular basis, just when she is going out on the town.

Beth said...

coffee mom:
So she wears jeans for a night on the town? There's hope for me!

Nomad said...

I think we are all happy reading whatever you feel you want to write...I think this whole reason to blog evolves, and don't worry you won't loose us if you don't post every day!
Plus it is ok to write about the grumpy stuff too... no?
(but I know what you mean, I felt REALLY bad after my emotional and embarrassingly public (and premenstrual) rant about my FIL...)
Jeans and wrinkles... yeah!
Re the ants, spray your kitchen at the ground level and then go out for the the foundation outside all the way around and put some traps in your cupboards...

Good luck!!

Beth said...

Don't feel badly about your FIL rant. It was entertaining and heartfelt and struck a chord with lots of us.
(Too many family members read my blog...)
Spray for ants? With the dog? I dunno. Where would this huge mutt and I be welcome for a day?
I am so hoping this ant thing is seasonal. However, they are supposed to arrive with warm weather (which isn't here yet). Maybe this whole global warming thing has them screwed up as well.