Friday, March 02, 2007

Take Care

This morning, the world looks deceptively beautiful from our windows.

In Toronto, freezing rain followed the massive snowstorm of yesterday.

Parts of the United States and Canada were affected by severe and dangerous weather conditions.

I hope all of you — and your loved ones — made it through safely.

Some didn’t.

This is the week my son in the military was to experience outdoor sleeping conditions. (Would “they” have made them endure these sort of conditions? I guess so.)

Be careful out there.

And have a safe weekend. More snow is coming.


patricia said...

It is a beautiful photo, but yes, beauty can sometimes be very devious.

My mom (who still works part-time in Mississauga) had to drive home to Burlington last night from work in that wretched weather. I was so worried! Thankfully she called at 10:30pm to let me know she got home ok. Took her well over an hour to get home, but better to drive nice and slow, 'cuz what's the hurry, right?

And your poor son! Oy, what a life... 'tis not fit for man nor beast out there.

oreneta said...

For what it is worth, from what little I know about winter camping, if they built any kind of snow structure, the freezing rain would have actually acted like weather proofing and kept the wind out. He may be a bit chilly, but not that bad....

Still, brrrr.

This is one harsh March over there.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

As I said to Boo, it will melt in time for black fly season. Would you like information on moving to Oregon?

Anonymous said...

It WAS beastly wasn't it?

But no, we didn't have to go out in it we just hunkered down at home with a fire in the fire place and a good book.

Gosh I hope your guy kept dry...

DJ Cayenne said...

I haven't seen snow of any variety in person in at least five years. Your pic makes me want go find some.

Beth said...

patricia: My husband LOVED driving home in it last night - with his snow tires, of course. A macho thing.
Glad your mom made it home safely. Lots of worried people last night.

oerenta: Well, even though I'm fretting about him (as usual), I know they have to learn to survive in all sorts of harsh conditions.

guy: Black flies - that hit a nerve. Hate those little buggers. One bite and my face swells up. Not a pretty sight.
Moving? I'm still okay with our distinct and beautiful four seasons.

trish: Yup, a book and some popcorn. Thank God the power didn't go off here. Some trees and branches down in our area.
Re: my boy. I'm hoping for a call tonight.

dj: Oh, it's beautiful - just a little treacherous with the snow & ice combo.
(I'd send you some if I could - lots to spare...)

Attila The Mom said...

You stay safe too!


Beth said...

that is a beautiful picture Beth.

Where is your son and what kind of weather is he having? Hope he's dry and warm!

Beth said...

attila: Thanks - and we lucked out today. Sun and lots of melting. Tomorrow??

beth: My son called tonight - they did get the snowstorm but later than we did. They were in tents and also doing sentry duty. Cold, wet and chilled. Back at the base now - drying out.