Friday, March 30, 2007

No News

Me? Gone fishing? Give your head a shake.

That’s one topic that’s never come up on this blog. There’s a good reason for that. I don’t fish. I don’t even do “catch and release.”

(I'm familiar with that phrase because I have a humane fisherman in the family.)

Nah, I’m just using this as a euphemism for “I haven’t got time for a (semi) decent post today.”

Imagine. Life is interfering. I don’t even have any pithy post (say that fast — three times) tucked away for emergency use.

I’ve been writing like a fiend this week because I am disgusted with my lack of writing and submissions. I managed to get a rough draft done and now I have to pick it apart. That’s hard to do when every word you put to paper is so meaningful and poignant. (Uh-huh.)

It strikes me that I could have simply not written anything on this blog today. But that is so not me.

I am a very responsible person. As in, compulsive, neurotic, addictive…

Must shut up. Back to work.


Anonymous said...

I used to fish with my dad as a kid but not any more. Something about cutting of the head and the jaws still gasping *shudder*

Good luck with the writing submissions:)

oreneta said...

Lots of writingis very very good...and despite the lack of time, still a decent post...
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until we can fish is one thing my husband and I really truly enjoy together and we love to share that joy with our kids

Beth said...

trish: I used to go fishing with my Dad, too. But I think I went along only to impress him! (Fish are slimy.)

oreneta: A quick post and it's still "decent?" Thanks!

coffee mom: It's great to have something the the entire family loves to do together.

patricia said...

Have fun fishin'!

For words, that is...

Are they biting yet?

Beth said...

patricia: Oh, yeah, they're biting...right at my *ss.
I hate editing - if those words seemed so perfect to me when I first wrote them, how can I get rid of them now to reduce the word count???
(Oh, yeah, because I have to.)

Rebecca said...

"It strikes me that I could have simply not written anything on this blog today. But that is so not me."

Props to you for being so dedicated! I've got a major deadline this weekend and there's a voice in my head saying "Please step away from your blog..."

Beth said...

you are such a responsible blogger!!!

I don't like to fish either....too boring.

Beth said...

"Just step away from the blog...and no one will get hurt..."
Let's face it - I'm nuts.
Good luck with your deadline!

The nice, kind word is "responsible."
The correct word is "obsessive."

Tracey said...

Fishing is good for writers block. You can always write about fishing. Fishermen tell good stories =)

cipriano said...

Beth, you should not feel bad that you have not a "pithy" post to post. I sometimes post things that I'm sure took a year or two off of my lifespan, in order to write, and no one at all comments upon it.
You have a lot of great friends, who respond to what you think of as non-pithyness.... and by the way, even your non-pithyness is quite pithful!

Dorky Dad said...

Nice work on this post! Now quit working and come over to my blog. I've tagged you.

Beth said...

Well, your nice comment has left me feeling quite "pithy."
(Not "pissy," - pithy.)

Ah, yes, fish stories - very similar to fiction. Tall tales, let your imagination soar...

dorky dad:
I'm kind of afraid to check in re: the tag.
But I will - can't miss one of your posts.

Princess Pointful said...

I know the feeling. I've had a lot on my plate lately, which seems to sap the creative energy out of me. I have to fight the compulsion to blog despite this, at times, and other times I feel like I have to force myself to do so!