Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Love Words!

The following people joined me in a “playing with words” exercise. They all created a six word memoir. (See yesterday’s post.)

Not only did I have fun creating mine, I enjoyed reading theirs.

Good sports all.

Thanks for “playing.”


Change, challenge
Question, Push
Ponder, Adore.


"It did not happen that way."


"Men dogs houses love my kids"


flirt, blush
glee, push
swaddle, dash

Princess Pointful:

“Loved, lost, and everything in between.”

Dorky Dad:

“Six words? Don't know six words.”

DJ Cayenne:

“For the real story - see wife.”

“Never chose to learn from mistakes.”

“Left home for proverbial greener pastures.”

My efforts? They don’t bear repeating. See yesterday’s post if you’re curious.

And now back to my regularly scheduled life where I’m supposed to be using words to further my freelance “career.” I have started three different pieces and hit writer’s block with each one. Not good. It’s much more fun playing.

I must employ the three D’s method of getting back on track.

Avoid Distraction.
Use Discipline.
Just DO it!


Anonymous said...

Words are amazing aren't they? That was a fun excersize...I'll probably spend the rest of the day mulling over other six word options.

Good luck with that writers block.

Lynn said...

So I actually went ahead and entered.

Beth said...

trish: Re: my efforts to overcome writer's block? The fact that I am replying to your comment says it all.

lynn: Good for you. (Aren't you going to tell me what it was? If not publicly, then by e-mail?)

oreneta said...

The first two D's are the toughest, I always used to find myself elbow deep in warm soapy water, and then I just knew it was time to get back to work...

Beth said...

oreneta: Desperate times call for desperate measures. (Note - more "D's.")
I've removed myself from the computer (except for right now) and I'm writing in long hand. It's helping.

Dan said...

Drat! I missed the damned game!

(Hey ... that was six words.)

Dorky Dad said...

Actually, I submitted a six-word memoir to that thingamabob you talked about. Here it is:

Eat Doritos
Drink Coke
Get Fat

Dorky Dad said...

The Wife's is:

Many sneezes
Many tissues
Now bankrupt

Beth said...

Good one! I'm posting it.

dorky dad:
And if you really, truly submitted it, I'm so proud of you!
(And I'm laughing...)

I'll add it to the list.

dorky dad's wife:
Are you allergic to Dorky Dad?
It's going on the blog!

Manic Mom said...

OK, this sounds fun! I guess I missed out though.

Here's mine though, BTW, hi to TRISH up there! I Know her via blogging! Small world...

OK, my memoir:

Got married, had kids, die happy.

Beth said...

manic mom: Welcome - it's never too late! I'll add your memoir to the list of late entries (March 23rd post.)

cipriano said...

Wow, that is fun stuff. I am really thinking.... trying to come up with a better line than "Why did I work so hard?" <-- even though this would be the most appropriate one for me, perhaps.

Beth said...

cipriano: Do you want me to post that one with the others? It's pretty darn good. Or are you still trying to come up with a "better" one?