Friday, March 16, 2007

I Did My Best...

Much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth here…

I’m in agony.

Son # 2 has made his career choice.

He’s going to be a pimp — thinks the money’s great.

Where did we go wrong?

Actually, he looks pretty stylin’ in his pimp get-up.

Using black magic marker to add in some chest hair was a brilliant idea.

Just kidding….

I’d kill him first.

Came across this old picture of # 2 in a Halloween “costume” and howled.

Thought I’d share.

In reality, we’re in the process of choosing his university graduation photo. He looks a tad more respectable in these pictures.

Proud of ya, kiddo!


Anonymous said...

A pimp...or Elton John. Either way the money would be great.

You had me going for a second there, with your weeping and wailing I thought maybe it was for real LOL

Megan said...

Please tell me that those aren't my old glasses he's wearing.........heaven only knows I've received enough flak for my eyewear choices. Go, #2 - whatever you do, you'll do well!
Mimi says so......

oreneta said...

I LOVE that hat. Tell me he won't kill you for posting that...

ted said...

oh dear. at least you asked before posting that.

Beth said...

trish: Yippee! I was hoping I'd fool someone - for just a little while.

megan: Yup - they're your old glasses - got them out of the garbage after you'd tossed them - way back in the 70's!
(And do not encourage this boy as to pursuing a life of crime...)

oreneta: I did check with him - not about the content, but about the picture!

ted: Regrets as to granting permission? Did you forget what that picture looked like? Or is it the black magic marker remark that got to you? Sorry, sweetie.
But it is a funny, fabulous picture!

patricia said...

Thanks so much for making me smile, Beth! I love it!

I was definitely thinking Elton John, rather than a pimp. And are you telling me that someone actually wore those glasses? (Kidding, Megan! I'm sure they were totally the bomb in their day)

Ted is one great kid for letting you post that pic. All the best to him and whatever his future career will be!

Nomad said...

Fabulous photo, I saw some guys dressed EXACTLY like that going out on the town when we were in Marseille...

Congrats on great parenting!!

You must be very proud.

(I too love the chest hair...hmm I'll have to try that on my 6 year old...!!)

Beth said...

patricia: Does makes you smile, doesn't it? As long as you know you're not looking at a real pimp.
Megan never wore those glasses - I was just kidding about that, too.
(Sounds like Ted is having second thoughts about this post judging from his comment.)

nomad: I guess the guys you saw were real pimps? Or something to that effect?
Re: your little guy - makes a great Halloween costume but maybe too young? Hopefully, he wouldn't even know what a pimp was.

John said...

Posts like these make me extremely happy that my old dear doesn't know anything about Blogging.

She did however add me onto her MSN list the other day...most disturbing.

Princess Pointful said...

He looks so serious and intense in that photo!
"Laugh as you might, but pimping really ain't easy!"

Beth said...

Hey, I checked with him first!

Re: MSN - someone invited me to join Facebook (have you heard of that?) One of my kids said, "Nooo, Mom! Don't join - we could meet up!"

I didn't.

princess pointful:
Yeah, he looks pretty intense - kind of fits the part too well...

Beth said...

OMG!!! I LOVE the hat! And the chest hair looks so real! very good looking pimp ya got there, if I do say so myself. I hear it's a big money making career, according to Jerry springer.

John said...

Facebook...err...yeah. I think. Can't say I'd ever join it though!

My old dear freaked me out when she started sending me text messages. Now she's on MSN...I feel my youthful advantage has been violated!

No longer am I the only one that can operate the Video Recorder!

Not that we have VHS anymore. It's all DVD and other thingys. Now I'm the old one...


Beth said...

beth: Yeah, doesn't he look great? But over my dead body will he ever make money that way.
(What a brave soul for letting me post that picture...)

john: Never underestimate the brains and power of your elders! Although I confess I do rely on my kids for just about every electronic device around here. But I can blog all by myself!

Attila The Mom said...

hehehe. That stuff on his chest is just AWFUL!

Beth said...

attila: Now, now - a little enhancement always helps. (Kinda looks like little worms though, right?)