Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Do It Somewhere Else

Overheard at a grocery store aisle.

(Young couple – mid-twenties? – all lovey-dovey & flirtatious.)

She: “Let’s try this.”

He: “We’ve tried it already.”

She: “And?”

He: “We decided we didn’t like it.”

She: “Oh.” (With a cute little pout…)

He: “We could try some of this.”

She: “I know I don’t like that.”

He: “Well, how about this?”

ME: “Well, hey, how about moving out of the friggin’ way! Enough with the lovey-dovey crap. This is a grocery store — move it!”

(Said silently, of course, but with an definite eye roll.)

These romantic tête-à-têtes at the grocery store drive me crazy. I have infinite patience with seniors who block the aisles. Not so much with these “let’s flirt so loud everyone will know we’re in love” couples. I don’t want to be their audience — I want to get my shopping done!

Ahh, let’s face it. I’m just getting old and crotchety.


Beth said...

then I must be getting old too, cuz I see no point in flirting over which loaf of bread to get, or how many pounds od hamburger....get on with it! Get your crap and get a room!

Beth said...

beth: Good, I'm not alone. And I do enjoy seeing "couples in love" - it's great, it's wonderful...just not in the grocery store where they're blocking the aisles!

Princess Pointful said...

At least they didn't start feeding each other candy from the bulk food aisle or suggestively pick out vegetables, right?

Beth said...

princess pointful:
Excellent "point." I caught a break - we were in the canned food aisle.

John said...

I am in FULL agreement here. There's a time and place for public affection. This obviously wasn't it!

However...when my girlfriend gets back from 6 months in Japan, I will flirt and hug her wherever I want, whenever I want.

I feel I am actually moving backwards in maturity. I was a VERY grumpy teenager, a fairly miserble 20 something. I'm 30 in a few months...I think I shall go skateboarding.

Beth said...

john: When your girlfriend gets back, hug and kiss her wherever you want - but if you're blocking a grocery aisle you're fair game for being bashed with a grocery cart!