Friday, February 23, 2007

Review Time

Rise and Shine — Anna Quindlen

I love this woman’s writing. I want to be her.

I’ve read all Quindlen’s novels and have never been disappointed.

Note the following subject matter covered in this latest one:

New York City (great setting).

Two sisters (I can relate).

The elite world of network television (a talk show) and N. Y. society (fascinating).

Life in the lower economic tier of the city (the projects, the homeless – again, fascinating).

Love, marriage, wealth, poverty, ambition, social mores, divorce, tragedy…

All the above plus marvelous characters and written with humour and compassion. Quindlen manages to engage the reader throughout the entire book. It flows — it all adds up to a fantastic read.

I’m not giving away any of the plot. Just check the link for a brief summary. Trust me on this one. (And I know some of you do from emails I’ve received.)

Rise and Shine is one of those novels that has you announcing to your family, “I think I’ll head up to bed a little earlier tonight…(so I can get back to my book).



Dorky Dad said...

Thanks for the review. I'm hoping to get some time to do some reading in the near future ... maybe I'll pick it up.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in North Carolina our local newspaper carried a column that Anna did on a regular basis. I loved reading it and was thrilled to find that she wrote books as well. I'll have to see if our library has that one.

Beth said...

dorky dad: You're sweet to say "thanks for the review." I'm thinking your wife might enjoy it more than you would.

trish: Quindlen now writes a bi-weekly column for Newsweek.

BTW, I just bought "Mommies Who Drink"(is that the right title ??? - forgot it already). Looks like a fun read.

oreneta said...

Thank you thank you thank you, hopefully I'll come across it some day, and remember her name...

Is her column on line?

Anonymous said...

I haven't looked into a Newsweek for a while...time to pick one up.

I hope you like Mommies Who Drink as much as I did. By the end I felt like I had spent time with a very funny and honest girlfriend and was sad to see her go. I loved her candor.

Beth said...

oreneta: To see Anna Quindlen's column go to:

(Or just Google for Newsweek on-line)

Click on columnists and you'll find her name. Her column last week (17th) was pro bringing troops home from Iraq. (Timely re: my previous post...)

Beth said...

trish: You don't have to pick up a copy of Newsweek - see my comment to Oreneta.
And re: the book Mommies Who Drink - I love books where I meet a "friend."