Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Laugh Is On Me

The above caption tickles my funny bone. Big time.

It screams, “Beth — this is so about you and your sense of style and fashion!”

In order to appreciate this, you have to understand what this “colour analysis” thing is all about.

Many, many years I ago I was one of those women who had my “colours” done. It was the thing to do. Basically, after the “doing” is done, you are told what colours are best suited for you to wear (and to accessorize with — la-di-friggin’-da).

Needless to say, I have no recollection as to what colours were recommended for me. Probably beige. Wouldn’t have mattered. I’m of the school of fashion that believes you wear what you feel good in, not what some bimbo with a colour chart tells you should. I don’t even care if someone thinks I look hideous in whatever colour I’m wearing. (I would care if someone had the nerve to actually mention it — that would be unacceptably rude.) I wear what I want. If I’m deluded as to whether I look good in it, so be it. It’s my delusion.

The above picture and caption is from a magnetic notepad my younger sister has on her fridge. When I saw it I did a whoop and a holler kind of laugh because I recognized myself in the message. This means I have a sense of humour, right? I can laugh at myself, my own foibles. I am a jolly good sport.

I discovered my sister was going to give me this notepad as a gift.

Well. Harrumph. Gee, the caption didn’t seem so funny any more. Apparently, in my world it’s one thing to be able to laugh at myself because I find my flaws amusing — it’s quite another to discover someone else shares that amusement.

It’s a good thing she’s my sister and we share a perverse sense of humour. After my initial “taken aback” moment, we both burst into laughter.

To her credit, she hadn’t given it to me as a gift. She considered my tender sensibilities. As for her ultimate confession, I get that. It was my own damn fault for going on and on and on about how amusing I found that silly piece of paper.

“Laugh and the world laughs with you.” Let’s get a little more specific here. When it comes to me, if I’m laughing at myself there’s really no need to join in. It’s not that funny.

(But, I have to admit, I still find that caption amusing. And I must point out — the picture accompanying the caption is not me.)


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the way every woman should dress...comfortable and in the colors you see fit?...who needs some color analysis

Attila The Mom said...

Having your colors done...now isn't that a blast from the past?

Nowadays all I worry about is that whatever I'm wearing doesn't have stains and won't show my rear-end if I have to bend over! LOL

Jackie said...


I laughed out loud. Add about 60 pounds and that picture on M's notepad could be any one of us. Reminds me of younger days - having colours done - what a craze that was. Too bad the fashion industry doesn't care about providing clothing in sizes and colours that really work for women over 50. Isn't that why we end up wearing black and more black!
Just read yesterday's blog - great article.

Anonymous said...

That's very funny! I would have laughed out loud too.

I had my colours done back in the day and I don't remember what they were or if I was a "spring" or whatever. But now I just wear comfortable cotton clothing and go about my day.

Beth said...

I never had my colors done...I wear what I want, when I want!

I love to laugh at myself, that way I drown out everybody else! ;)

Beth said...

beth: What a fabulous philosophy - I'm just gonna have to laugh louder!

trish: Glad you could relate. Apparently neither one of us is a slave to fashion - and I don't know about you, but that's pretty obvious around here!

jackie: You know what's scary? Some of the women in my pool group were discussing colour analysis. It's making a comeback! (Won't suck me in this time around...)

attila: Yeah, and isn't it great living with a house full of males? Some of their sweatshirts and t-shirts are quite comfortable - and come in great colours!

coffee mom: Right you are. Unfortunately, back in those days I was younger, vulnerable - and downright stupid!


m said...

This lovely younger sister of yours who thought about you and was going to give you the pad - is the same younger sister who went through my entire wardrobe and threw at least half of it OUT!!! What possessed me to let her do it??? Even if she might have been right about SOME? of it. Aren't we lucky? Isn't SHE lucky that we love her??

Beth said...

m: Let's face it. Let's be honest. Our little sister inherited the entire fashion gene. We got nada.
Ya gotta love her. She helps us 'cause she loves us and it's an uphill battle all the way. Still, she perseveres.

We love ya, Zig!

Dorky Dad said...

Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Yeah, but it doesn't say whether some of them are in fact laughing AT you.

And I'm with you on the color thing (we in the US remove the 'U,' though I have no idea why the spellings are different). That's why I wear nothing but PINK.

Beth said...

dorky dad: I'll bet that coloUr looks great on you - especially when accessorized with your fabulous winter hat!

patricia said...

Ha! Love it! You're lucky to have such a fun sister.

And yeah, I'm sure no fashion queen either. Anyone that has a problem with that can bite me.

Beth said...

patricia: Well, I won't be biting ya. And apparently none of the people who left comments will either.
Perhaps I should introduce you to my fun sister...Her heart's in the right place and she always looks fabulous.