Monday, February 26, 2007

Caution: Shallow Content

Right up front. The following subject matter is shallow. (Which is pretty obvious by looking at the above photos.) This does not indicate that I’m shallow — only that I’m capable of shallow moments.

This post was inspired by a recent “sighting” of someone I knew years ago who didn’t look quite the same. I’m slow about this kind of thing so it took me awhile to figure out I wasn’t looking at the results of aging but of anti-aging.

As Mae West once said, "You're never too old to become younger."

I came home, Googled the words “before and after cosmetic surgery” and found a site called Plastic Surgery Celebs.

I can’t vouch for the veracity and accuracy of the site or the pictures. I’m hoping none of these celebrities Google themselves and find my humble blog. (Don’t sue me! Sue that site!)

While looking at all the pictures, my original mission (checking out the anti-aging thing) was abandoned. I became fascinated with rhinoplasty.

This was a pretty safe subject for me — one that wasn’t going to cause devastation or depression. I’ve never, ever considered having a nose job. I’m happy with my nose. It suits the rest of my face. (Which isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for either my nose or face.)

You know what totally blew me away as I looked at these pictures? These people looked just fine BEFORE their nose jobs! I should look as good as they did in their “before” photos.

Unbelievable. The pressure for absolute perfection in the celebrity world is astounding. Actually, it’s quite sad. Imagine being Angelina Jolie pre-nose job. She looks in the mirror and finds her looks unacceptable??

Considering the fact the Oscars were on TV last night, this post is somewhat timely. All those beautiful people and I just bet most of them have had a few nips and tucks. Tough business to work in.

Confession. I also took a peak at the breast augmentation photos. I’ve never considered a boob job either and don’t plan on it now. To be honest, gravity and aging have actually done me a favour in this department. (Only this one favour, mind you…)

You want to see more? Check out the site. Be as silly and shallow as I was.

It was kind of fun.

(P.S. I wanted to post those pictures side by side and within the body of the post but couldn't figure out how. Any advice? Anyone?)


Coffee Mom said...

I don't understand this whole perfection thing in the celeb world either, what's wrong with just being real?
Although I have thought of a sligh boob lift, only because they used to be so nice and now after having 2 kids suck the life out of them not so nice, but my life doesn't revolve around it, it's just if the means (like winning the lottery) ever came available to me I probably would.

Beth said...

coffee mom: Aside from the fact I'm perfect as is (just kidding) I don't think I could ever have any "work" done. Don't like the thought of going under the knife and I'm kind of interested in seeing where life is going to "take" this old body.
Now, if I needed something done for health reasons, that's a different story...

Trish said...
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Trish said...

GAAA! What Tom Cruise needs is a brow wax.

As for other celebs and their "jobs" it's like peer pressure out of control. I think they just must live in a whole other dimension from the rest of us.

Beth said...

trish: It's a dimension I'm glad I'm not part of - I have enough pressures in my life. (And, yeah, some are self-imposed.)

Beth said...

I wish I could give you advice...maybe when you figure it out, you can pass it along, hey?

Now, yay, you can be shallow just like me!!! And I think Nicole Kidman is in botox heaven cuz her face DOES NOT MOVE!!! and it's all shiny and new looking....and John Travolta? What the? He used to be kinda cute.....

I'd be afraid to have someone cut on my face like could end up looking like Joan Rivers or something!

Beth said...

Yeah, "beauty" at what price? A face that doesn't move?? Or looks just plain scary?
And you are NOT shallow!
Re: the advice about posting pictures. Looks like I'm going to have to go to Blogger Help. That always takes me forever. If I figure it out, I'll let you know.

patricia said...

Can't give you any advice on posting pictures. I'm a techno-boob. Maybe I need a boob job? ;)

That world of celebrityville is so out of my sphere of understanding, it really is like another planet. Frightening and sad.

And yet, for many years when I was young, I vowed I would get a nose job if I could ever afford it. Hated my funny-looking schnozz (that was actually one of the names that this one guy kept calling me in grade school -- "schnozz"). My Dad can still remember this insult someone once wrote on one of my old notebooks: "Patricia is in grade 3, but her nose is in grade 6"

I still sometimes wish I had a dainty nose like Nicole Kidman's, but hell -- it ain't even HER NOSE!


oreneta said...

Beth: I am pretty sure I have managed side by side photos, but I'll have to look. I think what I did was when the photo catcher screen comes up, post the first on small right. You cannot do more than one at a time with this. Click onto the photo button again, and pick up the next photo, chosing small left. Should come out side by side.

I may be wrong though, I am not exactly an expert.

I always thought there was more beauty in a face that looks like it has lived and loved and felt than in a face that looks like a Barbie that never got out of the box. Good thing too, I'm weathering like the rest of us.

Beth said...

patricia: If you and I had noses like Nicole Kidman's, we'd look ridiculous. We "gots" what we got - and it works with whatever else we've got!
(That was one nasty remark by that kid.)

oreneta: Thanks for the advice re: posting pictures - I'll try it.
As for aging - every wrinkle tells a story - and each one is a tale from my life. I'll keep them.

Dorky Dad said...

Thanks for the shallow content. For what it is worth, I feel sorry for celebs. The other day I overheard a conversation in which one woman was talking in disgust about Leonardo Dicaprio's "potbelly." Then I looked at the commentator: she had a little roll in the middle herself. And no, she wasn't pregnant.

Beth said...

dorky dad: You're welcome! I can "do" shallow - and do it well! It's fun.