Wednesday, January 17, 2007

(Post # 2) Ticked and Grateful

Just got back from a fouled up physiotherapy appointment. They’d (mistakenly) booked me with a new physiotherapist who was about to do a new assessment. No actual treatment — just a discussion of my “condition.” Huh? Why? What the hell do I want to discuss it for? Nothing’s changed. Same old, same old. I said, “No, thanks,” made an appointment with my old physiotherapist for another time and left. Crap like that not only pisses me off but just about reduces me to tears. (I’m a woman. I am capable of doing both at the same time.)

The parking lot was packed to the brim. I’d had to park in an aisle. When I left, there was a car parked behind me and two other cars on either side of mine. Now that did make me weepy. I’m at a physio clinic for my back (for which I received no treatment) and expected to do contortions getting out of the parking lot?

Happy ending. (Thank God.) The parking lot attendant (who was moving the car behind me) took one look at my stricken, bewildered expression and said, “Would you like me to move your car for you?”

Yes, oh yes — and thank you very much.

The kindness of strangers.


Beth said...

Sometimes it's the kindeness of strangers that will change your whole day.

Beth said...

beth: Yup. And then you try and pass that "kindness" on to someone else. (I'm not too good at passing "nastiness" along - although sometimes I think I should get nasty right back at certain people.)

Nomad said...

Hi there,
How awful about your back...I can so relate.
Not fun not fun. I totally get the chronic pain thing and so hard for anyone else to relate too.

Have you looked into prolotherapy?
Helped me immensely after 16 years of undiagnosed suffering and all manner of other treatments.

Yes the kindness of strangers does give hope..

Beth said...

nomad: It is difficult for people to understand chronic pain when you appear "normal." Sorry to hear you're "one of the gang."
I'm going to check that site - thanks.

oreneta said...

There are some really truly nice thoughtful people in the world aren't there.

So good.

So bad about your back, maybe you should talk to Nomad, seriously.

Beth said...

oreneta: And thank goodness for those people...
I'm checking the site Nomad recommended - then perhaps she and I will compare notes/conditions.

Attila The Mom said...

I'm so sorry this happened. :-(

Beth said...

attila: In the whole scheme of things, it was such a small event. But sometimes it's those little things that set you off!