Monday, December 04, 2006

Mundane Monday Matters

The hubby is away on a business trip in Houston and discovered his Blackberry doesn’t work. Horrors. He must be going through “Crackberry” withdrawal. I’d love to be there to witness that. This is a man whose thumbs hit those mini-keys within five minutes of arriving home from work. “Just checking my e-mail.” What earth-shattering event could possibly have taken place in the fifteen minutes between work and home?

All three of my “kids” are home as of yesterday and for the next few days. This is an unusual occurrence. Dinners and laundry have increased proportionately. Last year (from September to April) we experienced the empty nest syndrome. It appears as though that was it for awhile. This supposedly devastating syndrome is really not so bad — especially if you know it’s temporary. Of course I cried when each of my boys left for university. But to be honest, I think the greater adjustment takes place when they trickle home again. (Perhaps more about the empty nest syndrome in another post??)

My weekend Christmas shopping expeditions were a bit of a bust. I actually picked up two small items (you know, those small gifts that need to go with the larger gift because you didn’t spend quite enough on that first gift) that I’d already given to the intended recipients as (fairly) recent birthday gifts. My brain is fried. And why did this happen? Because I strayed from the sacred list! I began to wander aimlessly and got sucked into impulse shopping. My impulses are not to be trusted.

I was going to start decorating the house this weekend. Slowly. Stymied at first attempt. The cold storage dungeon where the decorations are stored is packed to the brim. I can’t even get at the damn boxes. Not only that, but something smells in that yucky place. I’m thinking dead mouse. No way I’m venturing in alone. I performed a small hissy fit and slammed the door shut. Felt good. And, hey, since I have a working crew available (see second paragraph) I’m going to put them to work.

Today I am going to venture out shopping yet again — with the list. This attempt is going to be like a quick commando raid. In and out. I will survive. I will make progress.

Man, if I could just buy “Books! Books! Books!” for everyone I’d be in pig heaven. But I’d be imposing my wishes and my taste upon others. Hmmm. Would that really be so bad?


Trish said...

Gosh, interesting about the empty nest emotions when kids start trickling back. Hmm never thought about that. What I am looking forward to is making their favorite dinner when they come for visits.

Beth said...

Trish - don't forget about their laundry. You can look forward to that too!