Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Welcome to Day One of My Blog

Well, actually it’s day twenty-something of creating the darned thing but this is its official debut. I’ve dragged my feet about having a blog for about two years. Why? Fear of all that behind the scenes techie stuff. Turns out was not that intimidating.

Now that my blog finally exists, I will (hopefully) establish connections with like-minded people. And speaking/writing of like-minded people, the first person to encourage me to blog was Patricia Storms – a very funny lady, a talented cartoonist, writer and blogger. She created the cover for my book A Limited Partnership. We’ve communicated via email, met for coffee and she insists that I have what it takes to blog. I AM FINALLY BLOGGING, PATRICIA! YOU’D BETTER BE RIGHT!

As a writer, I lead a fairly solitary life. While I enjoy the occasional chats with deliverymen, servicemen, the mailman, etc. (hmm…all male…), these chats are not conducive to lasting friendships nor to an intellectually stimulating exchange of ideas. Since I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer (some justified, some simply surfing the Internet) I decided to join the blogging world as a means of communicating with others. As in — “Hello, is there anybody out there?”

I’ll be writing about the trials and tribulations of my freelance writing career, recommending (or not) books I’m reading and expressing my views on life (family, politics, health issues, etc.). Granted, it’s presumptuous to assume anyone would actually care about my particular views & opinions, but isn’t that what blogging is all about? It’s a means of sharing and communicating your thoughts with others. So, please, do share with me.

Of course, it would help if I’d written something topical and/or controversial to share about in this first entry. You could always point out my spelling and grammar mistakes. Or, you could comment on my picture. Yes, it’s definitely me and I’m looking pretty damned happy. I suspect that’s because I’m basically incognito with the sunglasses and hat — the only way to get a decent picture of me. Enjoy it while you can (and if you can) because it may only be displayed temporarily. Surely I can come up with something better to “decorate” the site.

I will now get back to my latest writing project — paragraph one of a new short story. (And while I love starting something new, I know from experience that nine times out of ten that first paragraph will succumb to the delete button.)


patricia said...

Hooray! Break out the booze! She's finally here! (Wherever 'here' is...)

Congratulations on your first fabulous post, dahling. And I know I'll be right about you and blogging, trust me. You've got the perfect voice for this medium. Dang. Now I've got some tough competition, don't I?

Great pic, btw. Now get back to your writing!

Barb said...

Congrats on your blog! Now I can keep up on your days even if I'm at work.

Marnie said...

Wow! I am so impressed by your professionalism, not to mention you computer savvy! Now I have 3 places to "talk" to you and keep up to date. I'm very very proud of you.

Linda said...

Love it, Beth! You are definitely a great "blogger" and I am very impressed with your computer savvy! I will be visiting your blog often. And I must dig out my copy of The Women's Room.

Megan said...

and so it go girl