Thursday, November 16, 2006


What a day. And it’s only 8:42 a.m. My clock had stopped (battery powered) so I got up earlier than I had to, believing I’d almost missed my time in a bathroom. (Two bathrooms, two guys getting ready for work, wife/mother remains in bed until a bathroom is available at generally agreed upon time.)

It rained last night. I come downstairs, fill the dog bowl, let the crazy dog out (he prefers dining alfresco) and ten seconds later he wants back in. His paws are wet and so my second job of the day is to lean over and dry him off. Not a great way to start the day for someone with a bad back.

I go to check my e-mail (a morning addiction) and discover that the server for Hotmail is “too busy.” I guess Hotmail users everywhere share my addiction.

And then I read the Globe and get pissed off. John Ibbitson has done the math and calculated there are only seven days left for Stephen Harper to keep his promise and hold a fall vote regarding reopening the debate on same sex marriage. (Ibbitson has factored in when Parliament is sitting, what days votes are taken, Harper’s travels, the Liberal convention, etc.)

What is the point in having this vote? The law has been passed. Such a debate would simply provide an opportunity for right wing opponents of same sex marriage to sound off — again. Hey, you guys, you lost.

Actually, some religious conservatives would prefer the motion be delayed since there’s a good chance they might lose the vote at this point in time. If that’s the case, I’m hoping Harper will keep his promise and bring it on. But with his track record, who knows?

Can you tell? Opposition to same sex marriage makes me absolutely livid. If two individuals wish to express their love and commitment to one another through the act of marriage, who in their (right wing) mind has the right to deny them?

And here’s another news item from the Globe that has me steaming — and wondering what the world is coming to. O. J. Simpson has written a book entitled If I Did It which will be published this month. Compounding that lunacy is the fact that the Fox Network is airing a two-part special (starring O. J. himself) called O. J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened. (I guess this makes sense. Fox owns the company publishing the book.)

Absolutely surreal. For someone who loves to express themselves via words, this sickening tidbit leaves me speechless.

And crap, it’s pissing rain again.


Trish said...

Ha! We read the same paper and yeah I agree about the same sex marriage thing. I just dont see what the big deal is.

And that OJ Simpson thing...could it get any weirder?

anonymous said...

Isn't it completely revolting that it took the head of the entire NewsCorp business to finally put a stop to all of this?! Do people really have no shame anymore. I would expect this from OJ Simpson but what in the world was the publisher thinking!!