Monday, November 20, 2006


Ah hah! Despite having posted Maxine’s lament, I actually plan to escape the computer today. (Or I will when I finish this post.) I must discipline myself. I must control my computer addiction. I thought the amount of time spent at this machine was a bit much when I simply checked e-mail and did my writing. Now that I’m blogging, it’s getting out of hand. And speaking of body parts, it’s not the possibility of my brain atrophying that alarms me (many blogs are intellectually stimulating…) but I do believe my rear end is spreading/expanding. There’s no way I can sit for this amount of time without contributing to gravity’s insidious attack on my aging body — especially in that particular area.

I must increase my exercise regimen. Lunges, squats — whatever. More walking would be good. Anything. I do exercise for my back but I need to do something for my behind.

Can I do this? Limit my computer usage and increase my exercising? At least for a day?

And why do I hate exercise when I know how beneficial it is? Yesterday, I observed two very slim (as in — teeny, tiny) women jogging. I was in the car. (Of course.) Seeing fit joggers does not inspire me. It pisses me off.

(Dig deep into your psyche, Beth. You are actually pissed off at yourself.)


Trish said...

Ouch. I have also been feeling guilty about a) my increasing computer time and b) my decreasing excersise time. Funny how those two things seem to go together.

I try and get around by foot as much as possible but any more than that is just so, I don't know...boring? Tiresome?

Perhaps there is a market for an excer-cycle with a key board and internet access so I can blog and get into shape.

Beth said...


If we had the energy, we could market your idea. I'd buy one. Someday, someone will invent it and you'll be pissed off that you didn't do it first.

Anonymous said...

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