Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Excuses, Excuses...

I’m a busy girl today and tomorrow.

I have a been-there-done-that expert here to help me deal with financial matters.

Word to the wise.

If you are even slightly inclined to believe the grass is greener on the other side re: your marriage – PAUSE – and take a look at the financial statement you’ll have to complete if you head for those greener pastures.

One glance at this document and you might change your mind.

Brown grass and weeds could start looking pretty good.

The form is brutal. It should come with an instruction manual.

And you don’t have a choice (at least here in Canada). You have to complete it.

I’m drowning in a year’s worth of paperwork.

I am not a happy camper.


MyUtopia said...

That sucks

John said...

If I was a chick, I'd fill out forms as follows...

I have nothing.
He has the rest.
Give me half.

However, I am a guy. Therefore, I have nothing (which isn't really a lie) and you can't make me give you anything unless you beat me with a wooden Hedgehog.

Incidentally, my new start-up business is Wooden Hedgehogs. Want one?

Beth said...

that does suck. It was his choice to go for greener pastures, so you should get everything!

I think son#1 needs to take you for some more ice cream.

love you

Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by - and for your brief, concise comment.

Half is good...
(Is your new business worth investing in?)

You're such a sweetheart - you make me smile with your comments and your blog!

Anonymous said...

I almost met my death years ago under the pile of forms we had to fill out when we moved to the US.

The endless inanity of this type of government paper work (or financial which is just as bad) is staggering.

That grass better be greener...with no weeds, brown grass or exposed tree roots.

Hang in there Hon....*hugs*

Beth said...

Welcome back...
I'm hanging in - for sure!

cipriano said...

Your blog reminds me of a certain saying that I have TATTOOED ON MY BACHELOR-FOREHEAD!
[Truth is, that forehead is rapidly turning into a fivehead...]
It is this:
"The only thing worse than wishing you were married is wishing you weren't."
All the same, I wish you the best.
-- Cip, the Never-Marrying.

Just last night my niece Amy asked me if I would be the MC at her wedding in August, and I said yes.... but added the proviso: "... as long as the abbreviation MC does not stand for 'Might Consider' doing the same myself!"

oreneta said...

Beth You DREAM!!!! You computer savy wizard! Wooohooo, so glad I whined on my post. After your comment I erased all the history on my computer and low and behole you all appeared!!! I was stuck in some weird computer induced timewarp back on June 1st or something. Gotta go read this post now.


oreneta said...

Beth, it sounds like tax forms but a million times worse cause of why you have to fill them out.


Get son #1 to buy you another icecream.

Beth said...

Yes, these are waters I seriously doubt I will ever tread again.
Love that quotation.
(Also love the "fivehead" remark.)

Glad I could be of help - although I'm not computer savvy. It was either a computer glitch or you didn't like me any more! (There were no comments from you!)
Must have been lonely in your blog world.
(And, yes, the "why" makes doing the form worse.)

bec said...

that doesn't sound like fun. but I'm glad you're back blogging and "bitchin" about it!

Lainey-Paney said...

Good luck.
Hang in there.
That sucks.

I don't know what to say.
I'll hate him for you, if you want me to.

Or, call him & tell him to fill out the damn form if he was the one who sought out the greener pastures. Tell him, "you made this mess, now deal with it!"

Mike M said...

I agree with myutopia.


another expert said...

He was never much of a gardener at home anyway - what does he care if the grass is greener or browner? And he WILL MEET a lot of weeds!!
You can do this. This time next year (actually sooner) you'll be so much better - honest. Have I ever lied to you before??!!

Dorky Dad said...

Wow. I'm sorry you're going through that, Beth. That really does suck. It also blows.

Why do the slang version of those two words mean the same thing? That doesn't make sense. If you say something sucks to mean it's bad, then "blow" should naturally mean it's good. Yet "blows" also means it's bad. Slang Word Inventors are morons.

Beth said...

Oh, yeah, I'm back. (But would prefer not be bitching...)

Thanks for the good luck wishes!

mike m:
Yes, yes it does.

another expert:
Here's to the future!

dorky dad:
Once again, I am astounded as to how your mind works.
New job for you? Slang Police?

cipriano said...

I hate forms of all kinds, much less post-marital ones!
Anything beyond the realm of "name & address" and I'm positively Frigged!
I wish you.......... Fortitude!

Attila The Mom said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry. :-(

Princess Pointful said...

I think you should make him fill them out.
End of story.

And to think I was complaining about having to fill in info on my ex-common-law partner in my taxes....

Beth said...

Not only do I need fortitude, I need a fully functioning brain. Tough combination to come by these days.

I'm sorrier! Found out I hadn't completed them thoroughly enough - must do over. Argh.

princess pointful:
Actually, both parties must fill out this form.
And I'm still working on mine...